Adam Meek Records

The following was provided by Inez Ray who obtained it from J. H. Meek. These notes, apparently abstracts from parish records, were accompanied by a short type written letter from William H. Compton dates Oct. 16, 1985.

Mr. Meek’s handwritten note to Inez indicates that Mary Johnson was 15 years old at the time of her marriage. However, this is not supported by the abstracts.

Adam Meeke married Mary Johnson 1 July 1660
At. Bourne, Co. Lincolnshire, Eng.

Andrew Meek Chris. 12 April 1794 son of Andrew Meek & Elizabeth
At. Broughton By Brigg, Co. Lincolnshire, Eng.

Francis Meek married Theodisa Ingram 12 Dec 1746
At. Lincoln St. Margaret, Co. Lincolnshire, Eng.

George Meeke Chris. 11 July 1795 son of Andrew Meeke
At. Broughton By Brigg, Co. Lincolnshire, Eng.

Jacob Meek Chris. 1699 son of Adam Meek
At. Bourne, Co. Lincolnshire, Eng.

John Meeke married Elizabeth Barker 7 Aug 1590
At. Bourne, Co. Lincolnshire, Eng.

John Meeke married Grace Garland 15 April 1733
At. Boultham, Co. Lincolnshire, Eng.

Robertus Meeke married Joanna Paternoster 154 Sept 1589
At. Gedny Hill, Co. Lincolnshire, Eng.

William Meeke married Anne Holmes 27 April 1654
At. New Sleaford, Co. Lincolnshire, Eng.

Editors note:

These records span a period from 1589 to 1795 and appear to be incomplete. They do however, establish the existence of the progenitor Adam Meek as described by H. B. Meek, and later Carleton Meek, in his well known book.

The records, if accurate, also establish a Jacob Meek who had a father named Adam. However, since the Adam in the records was married some 39 years before Jacob was christened, there is some doubt that the two people in the records are father and son.

Assuming that Adam was about 20 years old when he married, he would have been 59 years old in 1699 when Jacob was christened. We do not know when Jacob was actually born. Given the life expectancy of the day, I think that this age difference is in a range that might suggest a generation between Adam and Jacob. However, it is also possible that they were father and son. There is simply not enough evidence to prove it one way or the other.

Chris Meek


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