Joseph L. Meek Manuscript


J U L Y 1967 - B 0 0 K L E T. #l O N M E E K F A M I L I E S

This short history of the beginning of the colonies of Maryland and it's people and the introduction of Quakerism in America, along with some history of the colonizing of parts of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania ard other States.

This genealogy background of the Meek Families that immigrated to America in the middle of the seventeenth century and their. Relationship to the early settlement of various parts of the country.

Many printed stories of genealogy, reference to different branches of the Meek families have been written without duo consideration being given to avail-- able records or where such information could be found. , It is believed that they relied heavily on traditional stories handed down from generation to generation with some misleading and incorrect data given and printed, which we hope to correct in a great many instances, although we do not claim to have all the branches that will be mentioned heroin straightened out or completed.. We also have obtained a great deal of information from members of the present generation regarding their families.

We have had a helping hand from several hundred people over the past 20 years and want to take this opportunity to thank them one and all., hoping to receive additional information and corrections from one and all.

This is only a temporary production and will be followed with more bulletins (I hope ) with the ultimate end in mind of having a family history and genealogy printed, that will stand on the records from County Court Houses, State Libraries, Archives, Family Bibles and other reliabable records.

518 th Street Northwest. Joseph L. Meek. Washington, D. C. 12001. Alice L. Meek Others to be named later.

N-U-M-B-E -R-I-N-G S-Y-S-T-E-M,

No. 1. Guy Meek, first Generation., or as far as we Know the only one.

No. 1-1 or ll, John Meek, 2nd Generation - First son in the 2nd Generation.

No. 1-1-2 or 112 - Guy Meek, 2nd son in the 3rd Generation.

No. 1-1-2-6 or 1126 - Jacob Meek, 6th son in the 4th Generation.

Numbers such as 11268 or 1-1-2-6-8. would represent the 8th child in the 5th generation.

Note that the numbers refer to the generation and the number of the child in that generation, according to the way we have them listed., which may not be in the right birth order, but to the best of our ability we have listed them in' birth order.

Where there were more then 9 children in a family you will note such numbers as 10 or 12 are in ( ) parenthesis and will be caried that way all through our bulletins or booklets.

Joseph L. Meek

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