Jennings Co., IN Meek Clan

By Gary Childs

I have been researching my Childs family roots for about 2 and 1/2 years. A little over a year ago I discovered that my 3rd great-grandfather, who spent almost his entire life in Jennings county Indiana, changed his name from John S. Meek to John Childs in 1833. Since the discovery of this name change I have been researching the Meek name in said county. I have also discovered that the Meek research is quite a challenge. With this in mind I feel that the sharing of information is vital in this research, what with all of the conflicting data. So I would like to present here the results of my Jennings county research up to this date. By doing so I hope that other researchers will be inclined to share their research with me and with others. What I am presenting here is just the factual information that I have found nothing more, nothing less.

From the deed research of the Jennings county Recorders Office that I have done, I have found that the Meek clan settled along the Muscatatuck River, about six miles southwest of the town of Vernon in Jennings County Indiana in an area known as Sullivan Ford. The first evidence of the Meek presence in Jennings Co. comes from an article published in the Hoosier Journal of Ancestry about Baptist Ministers Thomas Hill and his son, Thomas Hill Jr. both long time ministers of Jennings county. This article describes their exploration trip to Indiana in 1816. The article reads:

"They came from Pulaski County Kentucky and traveled as far north into Indiana as the Muscatatuck River ( Ed. Note: this area was part of Jennings County, Vernon Township when the county was established in 1817 ) near what was to become known as Sullivan Ford. Here they erected a camp and remained until all had selected lands--- Sullivan, Meek and others on the Muscatatuck and the Two Hills on Coffee Creek.". End article.
( Ed. Note: Thomas Hill and Thomas Jr. returned to Kentucky and then returned to Jennings county in March of 1817 to claim their land. The article doesn't specify whether the rest of the party stayed in Jennings county or returned to Kentucky. ) In 1816 a land patent recorded at the Jeffersonville Land Office was issued to
Nathan Meek for the NE 1/4 of Section 26, T6N, R7E. in Jennings county
This piece of property is situated along the Muscatatuck River about 6 miles SW of Vernon, and adjoins property owned by Noah Sullivan. This property is also 1/2 mile south of the NE 1/4 of Section 13, T6N, R7E which belonged to Thomas Hill. From this information I conclude that the "Meek" mentioned in the Thomas Hill article is in fact Nathan Meek.

Another article about the history of the town of Hayden, Spencer township Indiana, obtained from the Jennings County Library, states:

"The first pioneers to occupy what we now know as Spencer township ( Ed. Note: Spencer township was established in 1833 from part of Vernon Township) originally settled on the Muscatatuck River southwest of the town of Vernon. Ten or twelve relatives of Basil Meek came to this location along the river having moved from Pulaski County, Kentucky. Other families, Jacob McCurry, James Keller, John Boner, Thomas Richey, Delancy Marvin, James Green, the Fitzgeralds, and later on Amasa Spencer came to this area which became known as the Sullivan Community. It was later called Sullivan's Ford . End article.
( Ed.Note: Noah Sullivan started a Grist Mill here on the Muscatatuck River in 1821, also the town of Hayden was originally called Hardenburg and is located about 3 miles NW of the 1816 land patent issued to Nathan Meek. ).

Another article from the history of the town of Hayden, Spencer township reads:

February 3, 1821 " We, a few Baptist, living in the State of Indiana, namely, Basil Meek, Peleg Baker, Noah Sullivan, Jesse Cox, Joseph Meek , William Baker, John B, Potter, Jane Potter, Nancy Baker(wife of Peleg), Eleanor Meek(wife of Basil), Sally Baker, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, being regularly dismissed from the Vernon Church and being sensible of the advantages of church privileges and gospel ordinances, do agree to give ourselves, by the will of God, to God, and to one another, according to the New Testament rules and regulations." They called their new church the Union Baptist Church and it was built on a hill just east of the Six Mile bridge.( The Six-Mile area is just north of Sullivans Ford ) These families also established the first public burial place in the township ( Vernon at this time ), The Six Mile Cemetery. The first person to be buried here was Nancy Baker , wife of Peleg around 1821-1822. In 1833 these families wrote up and signed a petition to form a new township of this area. John Childs ( Ed Note.late John S. Meek ) was appointed to deliver the petition to the Commissioner's Court at Vernon. The petition was presented on May 1, 1833 and the court granted the request on May 5th. The new township was named Spencer after their neighbor Colonel Amasa Spencer from Pulaski county, Ky. who was a prominent officer of the Revolutionary War. End of Article.
In 1817 land patents were issued to:
Nathan Meek, the SE 1/4 Section 26 T6N, R7E
Samuel Meek, the SW 1/4 Section 24 T6N, R7E
William Meek, the SW 1/4 Section 26 T6N, R7E
Joseph Meek the NE 1/4 Section 24 T6N, R7E
All of these parcels of land are adjoined to the 1816 Land Patent granted to Nathan Meek and are part of the land that makes up the area called Sullivan Ford mentioned in the articles above.. David Meek also has a land entry dated 1817, the property is located 2 1/2 miles east of the others. By the year 1817 there are five Meek land owners in the Sullivan Ford area. The earliest land record in this area that I have been able to find for Basil Meek is 1822, although he is listed in the 1820 census for Jennings county. In the years following there are numerous deeds recorded involving the Meek name in this same area.

According to the information listed above, these Meek people migrated to Indiana from Pulaski county Kentucky. I would like to add further support to this fact. Thomas Hill Sr. was pastor of the White Oak Church in Pulaski county Ky. near the town of Somerset for 17 years. He lived in Pulaski county from 1797 till 1817.( source, the Hoosier Journal Of Ancestry, Jennings county Baptist Minister biographies ) He presided over the weddings of David Meek and Cassander Eadour Jan. 27, 1823 in Pulaski county and the wedding of Nathan Meek/Sally Roberts April 15, 1802 also in Pulaski county. ( Source: Kentucky marriages records ) Peleg Baker was also a resident of Pulaski county Kentucky before moving to Jennings County. Peleg was in the 1800 and 1810 census for Pulaski county. Peleg was a Baptist Minister and a farmer and lived in Pulaski county from around 1794 till coming to Jennings county 1816-1820. He is the father of my third great-grandmother Nancy Baker, wife of John Childs, late John S. Meek Nancy was born in Pulaski county around 1807. Peleg Baker and Basil Meek were Administrators of the will of one John Hudson in Pulaski county around 1802. John's widow, Nancy Harris Hudson became the wife of Peleg Baker on June 2, 1803 in Pulaski county. Basil Meek and Peleg Baker also inventoried the estate of a Mark Jackson in Pulaski county Ky. in 1806. ( Source Jennings county Library genealogies, Vivian Creeden Baker Genealogy ) Peleg's will signed June 25, 1822 and recorded September 19, 1822 in Jennings county Indiana names " my good friends and neighbors Basil Meek and Joseph Meek as Administrators." ( Source: Jennings county will record book # 1, p. 24 )

There are many records that establish the time frame of the Meek clans arrival in Jennings county and there are numerous records for those who followed. Those records include census, land, probate, circuit court, marriage, and others. I would like to list various Meek information that I have found relating to these records.

Pulaski Co., KY Tax Rolls:

1799, Bazel Meek, Nathan Meek, Thomas Meek, and William Meek.
1800: Bazel Meek, and Thomas Meek.
1802, Nathan Meek Sr., Nathan Meek Jr., Bazel Meek, Jeremiah Meek, Jeremiah Meek Jr., Samuel Meek, and David Meek.
1803, Nathan Meek Sr., Bazel Meek, Jeremiah Meek, Jeremiah Meek Jr., Samuel Meek, and David Meek.
Census Records:
1800 Federal Census Pulaski County Ky. Bazel Meek, Nathan Meek and William Meek

1820 Jennings County Indiana Federal Census: Nathan Meek 001101-00101, Basil Meek 020301-11110, Nathan Meek 100010-02010, David Meek 410010-02101, William Meek 200010-30010, Jeremiah Meek 400010-12110, Jeremiah Meek II 110010-30100, Samuel Meek 121110-12110, and Richard Meek 220100-00010.

1830 Federal census for Jennings county: Basil Meek age 60-70, Lewis Meek age 20-30, Samuel Meek age 40-50, William Meek age 40-50, Richard Meek age 20-30, David Meek Jr. age 15-20, Sarah Meek age 50-60, and John S. Meek age 20-30.

1840 Federal census for Jennings county: Richard Meek age 40-50, Richard Meek Jr. age 20-30, Samuel Meek age 30-40, Lewis Meek age 30-40, Samuel D. Meek age 20-30, David Meek age 50-60, Samuel Meek age 50-60, Nathan Meek age 20-30, William Meek age 50-60, Henry Meek age 30-40 and John Childs ( Late John S Meek ) age 30-40. ( Ed. note: John Childs is listed through the 1870 census for Jennings county )

1850 Federal census for Jennings county: John Meek age 22 b. Pa. wife Mary, Lewis Meek age 27 b.In. wife Jane, Nathan Meek age 40 b. Ky. wife Amanda, Pleasant Meek age 26 b. In. wife Sarah, Richard D. Meek age 32 b. In. wife Ellen, Samuel D. Meek age 40 wife Rebecca, Samuel Meek age 33 b. Ky. wife Julie, Samuel Meek age 24 b. In. wife Julie, William Meek age 61 b. Va. wife none, and Sarah Meek age 75 b. Va. she is living in the Sylvester Kinder household.

1860 Federal census for Jennings county: William Meek age 68 b. Pa wife Matilda, Nathan Meek age 49 b.Ky. wife Amanda, Sarah Meek age 87 b. Pa. she is still living in the Sylvester and Nancy J. Kinder household.
Jennings county probate records
Jennings County Circuit Court Records from 1818-1820 name Nathan Sr., Nathan Jr., Samuel, Jeremiah, William, and Richard Meek as jurists from time to time. Basil Meek once served as the Grand Jury Foreman during a term of the Circuit Court in 1818.

Jennings county probete records dated October 11, 1822: Basil Meek and Joseph Meek submit a list of items to be auctioned at Peleg Baker's estate sale. This is witnessed by Samuel Meek and Maurice Baker. ( Ed note: Samuel Meek Married Peleg's daughter Maria Nov. 29, 1822 ) A list of buyers from the estate sale names Jeremiah Meek, Joseph Meek, Nathan Meek Sr., Samuel Meek, Nathan Meek Jr., Bazel Meek, Joshua Meek, and Henry Meek. August 7, 1826: Bazel Meek and Joseph Meek show the court an account of their administration of Peleg Baker's will. Some of the people who received money were John Meek, ( Ed note: John Meek/John Childs married Peleg's daughter Nancy April 10, 1823 ) Samuel Meek, and Lewis Meek.

Jennings county probate records dated December 21, 1822: William Meek geanted Letter of Administration of and singular the goods and chattle rights, credits, and effects of Nathan Meek Jr. deceased. December 1822 the estate sale was held and some of the buyers were as follows: Richard Meek, Lewis Meek, Sally Meek ( Widow ), David Meek, William Meek, Samuel Meek, and Jeremiah Meek Jr. There is mention of Basil Meek selling some property that relates to Nathan Jr Meek's estate before the estate sale was held. I do not know the details of this entry. On April 14, 1823 Sally Meek, widow of Nathan Meek Jr. applies for and is granted her dower.She receives the W1/2 of the SE1/4 of T6N, R7E. ( Ed. note: This parcel of property was taken from the 1/4 section of land issued to Nathan Meek by land patent in 1817 ) September 26, 1823 the Letter of Administration to William Meek is revoked. September 26, 1823 David Meek is appointed Administrator with Samuel Meek and Richard Meek as security. February 23, 1826 David Meek pays the Jennings county court the final debt of the Nathan Meek Jr. estate in the amount of $45.15.

Jennings county probate records dated February 23, 1826: a letter of Administration is granted to Basil Meek for the estate of Joshua Meek.

Jennings county probate records dated September 1829, Basil Meek as Administrator, makes a report on the estate of Joshua Meek deceased. Basil reports there is no personal property to pay debts and is ordered by the court to sell Joshua's real estate the NE 1/4 S24 T6N, R7E. November of 1829: Basil reports that the property is sold and notes owed to Daniel Meek dated 9th Sept. 1823 for $200.00 and to Henry Meek dated the same for $100.00 are paid.

Jennings county deed records Bk. C p.88, reads Basil Meek of Jennings County, Attorney for Henry B. Meek of Jennings county to Samuel Spencer of Jennings County for $600.00 the NE 1/4 S24 T6N, R7E. March 12, 1833.

Jennings county probate records dated August 11, 1834. William Baker, son of Peleg Baker, files claim against Basil Meek and Joseph Meek, Administrators of Peleg's estate, for not fully and legally executing the will. It states that Basil and Joseph are no longer residents of Indiana. Basil and Joseph later satisfy the court and estate of Peleg Baker.

Jennings county probate records dated February 2, 1843. Nancy Meek, widow of David Meek, petitions for her dower. The heirs of David are listed as follows: James House and Mary Meek House, John Meek, Amasa McWhorter and Sarah Meek his wife, David Meek, Samuel D. Meek, William Meek, Nancy Spencer late Meek, Richard D. Meek, Lewis Meek, William Spencer and Catharine ( Meek ) his wife and James E. Wilson guardian of Melissa Meek and James Meek, minor heirs of David Meek deceased. One of the commissioners appointed to lay out this dower is John Childs late John S. Meek.

Jennings county probate records dated Feb. 13, 1843: Samuel D. Meek vs Heirs of David Meek. A petition is filed for Samuel D. Meek by Achilles Vawter for Partition of real estate. May 8, 1843 The petition is heard by the court. David Meek owned 242 1/2 acres of land at the time of his death. Samuel being an heir of David wants his 1/12th share of this property if an equitable division can be made. If an equitable division cannot be made Samuel wants the court to order the sale of this property and the money from this sale be equally divided among the heirs. The court agrees and appoints a commission to partition and set off Samuel's 1/12th share of David's property. The commission is John Childs, James Dunlap, and James Tate. The commission reports back that the 242 &1/2 acres is not susceptible to an equitable partition. The court then orders the 242 & 1/2 acres to be sold. March 11, 1843, The property of David Meek is reported sold to Lewis Meek, James House, Amasa McWhorter, and Charles Day for the sum of $1,079.94 they being the highest bidder. The property that was sold did not include the dower that was given to the widow Nancy.

The will of Amasa Spencer recorded July 21, 1841 in Jennings County Indiana, will record Vol. I Sept. 20, 1842--August 26, 1862. " Wife Priscilla, Children: Nathan Jackson Spencer (Ed note: Husband of Julie Ann Childs, dau. John Childs, late Meek and Nancy Baker), James, Samuel, Robert, David, Jane, Moses, Anna, and Amasa Jr. Spencer. Heirs mentioned who are to receive $10.00 ea. are Betsy Meek, Nancy Fitsgerald, and Polly McWhorter. The will specifically states that Sally Meek is not to be included. "

Jennings Probate Court May Term 1848
Priscilla Spencer
Nathan Jackson Spencer
Petition for Partition of real estate in dower

" And now comes Nathan Jackson Spencer and stipulates with Priscilla Spencer that if she marries her right to the real estate of Amasa Spencer under the last will and testament of him her husband as mentioned is void, although her relinquishment has not been filed within one year next after the decease of her husband as required by law that she agrees that she receive her dower as if her husband had died intestate. "

" And also comes the said Priscilla Spencer and says that she marries and relinquishes all rights in and to the real estate of her late husband as bequeathed to her in the last will and testament of him the said Amasa Spencer. And that she will take and receive of the real estate of her late husband her dower in the same manner as if the said Amasa Spencer died intestate. Agreement the costs of partition are to be equally paid by the parties "
Jackson Spencer
Jesse Fitzjearld Agent
for Priscilla Spencer

A commission was appointed to lay out Priscilla's dower. She received 1/3 of Amasa Spencer's property which was the W1/2 of the NW1/4 of S25 T6N, R7E, and the SE1/4 of the SW1/4 S 24 T6N, R7E.

Deed Records
Jennings county deed records Bk. A p.436, Samuel Meek to John S. Meek ( John Childs ) for the sum of $400.00 the East 1/2 of the SE1/4, S26 T6N, R7E. August 8th, 1827. Note this is a portion of the 1816 land patent issued to Nathan Meek in 1816.
Early land owners of Jennings county: source, the Jennings county Library.

1.) Basil and Joseph Meek Bk.A p348
2.) Daniel Meek Bk. A, p250
3.) David and Nancy Meek Bk. D p191
4.) Henry Meek Bk B, p1495.)
6.) Henry B, Meek Bk. C p 82
7.) Henry B. and Pertheny Bk. B p 187
8.) John S. Meek Bk A p 436
9.) John S. and Nancy Meek Bk. D p 188
10.) Joseph and Rany? Meek Tazewell co., Ill. Bk C p 330
11.) Joshua Meek Jefferson co. Ky. Bk A p250
12.) Joshua Meek-estate of Bk B p149
13.) Nathan Meek-land patent cert. Dec. 16,1822 Bk D p 185
14.) Richard Meek Bk A p 453
15.) Samuel Meek Bk A p 435
16.)William Meek Bk A p 435
17.)William Meek-land patent cert. # 529 Mar. 25, 1825 Bk D p 184
18.) William Meek Sr. Bk D p 188
Jennings county deed records Bk. C p.88: Basil Meek of Jennings county, an Attorney for Henry B. Meek of Jennings county to Samuel Spencer of Jennings county for $600.00 the NE 1/4 S24 T6N, R7E. March 12, 1833.
Jennings county deed records Bk A p.250: Daniel Meek of Jennings county Indiana to Joshua Meek of Jefferson county, Kentucky. The NE 1/4 S24 T6N, R7E. September 9, 1823. Witnessed by John Shirley and William Shirley.
Jennings county deed records Bk A p.403: Basil Meek and Joseph Meek Executors of the last will and testament of Peleg Baker deceased to William Baker the W1/2 of the SW 1/4 S2 T6N, R7E. January 12, 1825.
Jennings county deed records Bk A p. 404: Basil Meek and Joseph Meek Executors of the last will and testament of Peleg Baker deceased to William Baker the E1/2 of the SE1/4 S3 T6N, R7E. January 12, 1825.
Jennings county deed records Bk A p.453: John Peck and Mary or Macy? to Richard Meek the NW 1/4 S22 T6N, R8E. May 22, 1828.
Jennings county deed records Bk A p. 435: William Meek and wife Sarey to Samuel Meek the E1/2 of the NE1/4 S26 T6N, R7E. March 29, 1826.
Bureau of Land Management-Eastern States, General Land Office
Jennings County Land Patents
1.) David Meek 4/10/1843 Doc #16840, 16929
2.) Henry B. Meek 3/09/1831 Doc #1848,1849
3.) Henry Meek 8/10/1838 Doc #10862
4.) Henry Meek 9/01/1838 Doc # 8946
5.) Jeremiah Meek 8/15/1838 Doc # 13103, 13104
6.) John Meek 8/01/1833 Doc # 3196
7.) Lewis Meek 8/15/1838 Doc # 11370
8.) Nathan Meek 8/15/1838 Doc # 11091,11092
9.) Richard D. Meek 8/15/1838 Doc # 11585,12442 ( Ed note: Richard D. is son of David Meek )
10.) Samuel D. Meek 8/10/1838 Doc # 10990, 8/02/1838 Doc # 9733 ( Ed note: Samuel D. is son of David Meek )
11.) Samuel Meek 8/01/1839 Doc # 13982
12.) Samuel Meek 9/02/1834 Doc # 3470
13.) Samuel Meek 10/08/1834 Doc # 4268
14.) Samuel Meek 9/01/1838 Doc # 8724
15.) William Meek 4/10/1843 Doc # 16557
16.) William Meek 5/10/1848, Doc # 19701
17.) William Meek 12/05/1831, Doc # 2414
18.) William Meek 9/01/1838 Doc # 8722
19.) William Meek 8/02/1838. Doc # 9608
IGI Records
Kentucky Marriages:
1.) Samuel Meek/Nancy Childs Sept. 23, 1803 Pulaski Co.;
2.) David Meek/Cassander Eaudor Jan. 27,1803 Pulaski Co.Pastor Thomas Hill presiding;
3.) Nathan Meek/Sally Roberts April 15, 1802 Pulaski Co.Pastor Thomas Hill presiding;
4.) William Meek/Sarah Spencer Mar. 1, 1803 Pulaski Co. Pastor John Chesney presiding;
5.) Jeremiah Meek/Nancy Roberts Jan. 1803 Pulaski Co. Rev.John McWhorter presiding;
6.) Sarah Meek/William Cummins Jan. 6, 1803 Pulaski Co.;
7.) Priscilla Meek/Elijah Fitzegearld May 19, 1808 Pulaski Co.
Pulaski Co., KY marriages book 1 1799-1850
1) December 17, 1801 Amasa Spencer marries Polly Meek, father of bride Nathaniel Meek, Thomas Hill presiding. (Ed note: This Polly is daughter Mary not Priscilla.)
2) Nathan Jr Meek: Bond signed by Nathan and David Meek 13 April 1802. Marriage dated 15 April 1802 Thomas Hill presided.
3) David Meek/Cassander Eaudor: Bond signed by David and Samuel Meek dated 24 Jan. 1803. Marriage date 27 Jan. 1803. Thomas Hill presided.
4) Sarah Meek/William Cummins: Bond dated 24 December 1803 or 1813 ( hard to read ) Marriage date 25 December 1803.
5) Jememiah Meek/Nancy Roberts: Bond signed by Jememiah and Samuel Meek dated 16 Jan. 1804. Marriage dated Jan. 1804.
6)Priscilla Meek marries Elijah Fitjerrell May 19, 1808. Father of bride, Nathan Meek, J. Chesney presiding.
7 )William Meek/Sarah Spencer: Bond dated 1 March 1810. Marriage dated 18 Feb. 1810.
Jennings County Indiana Marriages: Source book compilation entitled Jennings County Indiana Marriages 1818-1850:
1.) Richard D. Meek/Eleanor House May 15, 1826 ( Ed note: son of David Meek );
2.) Richard Meek Jr./Margaret Biggs May 27, 1829;
3.) Sally Meek/Elisha Boner Jan. 22,1829;
4.) Sarah Meek/Amos McWhorter Dec. 29, 1829 ( Ed note daughter of David Meek );
5.) Samuel Meek/Maria Baker Nov. 27, 1822 ( Ed note: daughter of Peleg Baker );
6.) Lewis Meek/Abigail Ritchie Sept. 14, 1824;
7.) Joseph Meek/Euranie Sullivan Mar. 8, 1819;
8.) Betsey Meek/Henry Sullivan April 12, 1828;
9.) David Meek/Nancy Crockett May 24, 1832;
10.) Nancy Meek/Joseph Wilkerson July 26, 1826;
11.) John Meek/Nancy Baker April 10, 1823 ( Ed note: daughter of Peleg Baker );
12.) Polly Meek/Anderson Thomas Sep. 22, 1825;
13.) Nathan Meek/Amanda Ann McCammon Jan 1, 1839;
14.) Samuel Meek/Sally Johnson Mar. 9, 1828;
15.) Samuel Meek/Nancy McFarling Sep. 1, 1831;
16.) Samuel Meek/Polly House Mar. 23, 1832;
17.) Pleasant Meek/Sarah Kinder Dec. 24, 1846;
18.) Nancy Meek/Amasa Spencer Jr. Feb. 7, 1833;
19.) Elizabeth Meek/John Sullivan Mar. 4, 1830;
20.) Catharine Meek/William Spencer Mar. 2, 1842 ( Ed note: daughter of David Meek );
21.) John Meek/Ruth Boner May 11, 1825;
22.) John Meek/Rachel A. Day Feb. 6, 1829;
23.) John Meek/Sarah Jane Ritchy Nov 16, 1847;
24.) Lewis Meek/Jane McWhorter Nov. 3, 1842;
25.) Priscilla Meek/Amasa Spencer Jan. 3, 1836.
Parent/Children Records
1.) David Meek/1st wife ( probably Cassander Eadour ) David Meek's heirs/children are listed in Jennings county probate records in 1843.
A) John Meek,
B) David Jr. Meek,
C) William Meek,
D) Louis Meek,
E) Mary Meek,
F) Nancy Meek,
G) Sarah Meek,
H) Catharine Meek,
I) Samuel D. Meek,
J) Richard D. Meek
David Meek/2nd wife Nancy ( probably Nancy Crockett )
A) Millisa Meek
B) James Meek.
IGSI Records Ky/Ind.
2.) Samuel Meek/Nancy Childs:
children :
A) Henry Meek b. 1804 Pulaski Co. Ky.,
3. Basil Meek/Eleanor Roberts,
A) Joshua Meek b.1808 Pulaski Co. Ky.,
B) Joseph Meek b. June 7, 1797 Pulaski Co. Ky.,
C) Nancy Meek b. Feb. 4, 1807 Pulaski Co. Ky.
D) Noel Meek b. May 15, 1810 Pulaski Co. Ky.
E) Amanda Jane Meek July 2, 1820 Jenn. Co.
4.) Nathan Meek,
A) Pupiller Meek ( probably Priscilla ) Meek b. ca.1787 Pulaski Co. Ky.
5.) William Meek/Sarah Spencer,
A) Nathan Meek
B) Pleasant Meek
C) Sarah Meek
D) Caswell Meek
E) Charity Meek
F) Delilah Meek
G) Anna Meek
H) Cassie Meek
I) James Meek

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