Who Was Lee Meek/Esquire?
Revised 4/1/98 & 3/13/99
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Revised 9/1/02

A person named Lee Meek lived in Henry Co., KY in the vicinity of our family. All efforts to identify this person have failed. The notes of an unknown researcher suggest that Lee Meek was the son of Jonathan Meek, son of Bazil Meek. However, I have determined that this is not true.

According to deed abstracts, Lee purchases 60 acres on Drennon Creek 4 Mar 1837. However, there is reason to believe that the abstract should have read 1839 based on the book and page number of the deeds. Lee’s name appears in tax records as early as 1833. In 1838, the tax records refer to 60 acres.

Henry Co., KY marriage abstract list Lee Meek 3 Dec 1839 to Jane Owen, father Ervin Owen. The 1840 census listed Lee Meek born between 1810 and 1820. The wife of Lee in the 1840 census was born between 1820 and 1825. There were no children listed.

The 1840 census list Lee Meek followed by Jesse Meek (50-60). There is a Jesse Meek in the 1820 census (26-45) who had one son age 0-10.

Finally, cemetery records from Henry Co., KY lists a Lee Meek born 08/04/1811, died 10/06/1840. (8 Apr 1811-10 Jun 1840). It would appears that the Lee Meek in the cemetery records is the same person list in the 1840 census who married Jane Owens in 1839. He is likely the person in the deed and tax records. He is possible the son of Jesse.

It is entirely possible that Jane was pregnant before Lee died in 1840. Therefore it is possible that there are descendants of Lee Meek. Any help that anyone can give to resolve this matter will be greatly appreciated. Please send me E-mail.

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