Early Settlers of Maryland

Most early researchers focused on Guy Meek, as the progenitor, and his son John. It is curious that they appear to ignore the other names. In "The Early Settlers of Maryland" by Dr. Morris L. Radoff 1986 there are several people named Meek mentioned:

Meeke, John immigrated prior to 1663, Chirurgeon
Meek, Thomas Immigrated 1663
Meek, John Immigrated 1664
Meeke, Guy transported 1666
Guy Meek Mini-Site.
Meek, Alice transported 1674
Meeke, John transported 1674
Meeke, Walter immigrated from Virginia 1674 wife and 3 children
Walter Meek Mini-Site.
Meeke, Sarah immigrated 1674 wife of Walter

Meeke, William transported 1675
Meeks, Moss transported 1678

There were at least three other men in Maryland in the 1660ís. One was probably Guy's son John. However, the other John is never explained and is virtually ignored. The name Thomas, does not appear in the early abstracts that the researchers provided. Neither is the family of Walter Meek seen in any records.

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