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From Deed Records

It is known that a person named John Meek lived in Henry Co., KY prior to 1800 based on tax records and his will dated in 1801. The first deed record is thought to be the partition of John Meek's original settlement. It appears that many of the deed records are a clarification of titles and it is difficult to determine when land actually changes hands. In any event it appear that all four brother paid for this land again in January 1807, each holding 100 acres.

Later records indicate that the size of Bazil's land was 140 acres. One record lists the name of his wife. It is unclear whether Bazil remained on the same piece of land. In any event by 1818 Jeremiah seems to be paying for the same land again on behalf of his father and himself. The tax records are consistent with these deed records.

Another person named Basil is distinguished from our Bazil due to the dates and size of land holding. Therefore, these records provide us with the name of Bazil's wife and and his son Jeremiah who's wife was named Rachael Rawlings.

Deed Book #1, page 33 and 34 15 November 1800

John Pope of Shelby County, Kentucky, to Jeremiah Meeks, Bazil Meeks, John Meeks, JR. and Joshua Meeks of Henry County, Kentucky for 5 shillings, part of a tract of 3704 acres patented in the name of James F. Moore and this day conveyed by said Moore to said Pope containing by estimation four hundred acres, being the land purchased by said Meeks of Robert Taylor. Sold at a reduced price on account of the interference and the uncertainty of said Pope's title.

Deed Book #3, page 14, 10 January 1807

Bazzel Meek to Christopher Hardwick 5 shillings for 100 acres, sold at a reduced price due to poor title, on waters on Drennon Creek.

Deed Book #3, page 792, 10 May 1810

John Meek to Barksdale Meek 5 shillings for 140 acres on waters of Drennon Creek, part of 2000 acres survey to Woodcock to Meek.

Deed Book #5, page 119, 23 August 1815

Bazil Meek and Elizabeth Meek, his wife, to John Foree, both of Henry County, Kentucky $575.00, for a tract of land on waters of Drennon Lick Creek, 140 acres being part of 2,000 acres survey conveyed to Lynch to Woodcock, to John Meek to Bazil Meek.

Two versions of deed abstracts

                                                                & wf Rachael
7-189 24 June 1818 Jeremiah Meek to Bazil Meek $100 Dr. Creek 100 A part of Vincent Williams 3000 A. survey pat. 5 Mar 1805 - bounded Lewis' fence - corner Jere Meek - Williams orig line - corner Jesse Meek . . further understood 2d Jan 1816 Abraham Hite as atty in fact for sd Williams did convey by deed to sd Jere Meek 150 A land but he ought to have conveyed to my sd father Bazil Meek 100 A & to myself 50 A - deed now intended to convey to my father the sd 100 A in property conveyed to me as aforesd.

(signed) Jeremiah (x) Meet, Rachael (x) Meek

Deed Book 7 Page 189, 24 June 1818

Jeremiah Meek to Bazil Meek, both of Henry County, Kentucky $100.00 for tract of land on waters of Drennon Lick Creek being part of Vincent Williams 2000 acre survey, patent bearing date 5 march 1805. Bounded by Jesse Meek to correct deed of January 2, 1816 by Abraham Hite to Jeremiah Meek for 150 acres he ought to have conveyed to my father Bazil Meek one hundred acres and to Jeremiah Meek, 50 acres

signed Jeremiah (x) Meek

Rachel (x) Meek

Married 29 Dec, 1815
Henry County, Kentucky

In addition to identifying Jeremiah as a son of Baizl, the deed records indicate that Jonathan Meek was a son of Bazil.

Deed Book 10, Page 282, 13 January 1823

Indenture between Edmond Searcy & Jonathan Meek both of Henry Co., Kentucky, witness that for the sum of $500.000 for 50 acres from the said Johnathan Meek & Bazil Meek, his father do sell and convey to the said Johnathan Meek the property on ridge between Drennon Creek ans Emily Run, joins John Meek.

Deed Book 23, Page 306, 26 April 1850

Jonathan Meek & Catharine his wife,deed to Wm. Sutton for $625.00 - 133 acres, beginning at Jess Meeks Spring Branch, to Jesse Meek line.
(Married in Henry County, Kentucky to Caty Newhouse 5/1/1820)

Barlow Meek and his wife are also mentioned:

Deed Book 23, Page 160-161, 24, October 1849.

Barlow Meek & Leanora, his wife, to Wm. Sutton $350.00 for 50 acres, on the waters of Drennon Creek, beginning at Jonathan Meek, corner in Jesse Meek line, being the same land conveyed to Thomas Brown by Joshua Meek in 1831 and the same brown conveyed to said Barlow Meek & Lennah.
(Married in Henry Co., Ky. To Leannah Sutton, 3/29/1845.

Barlow first appeared in the tax records in 1828 and remains to the end of the records in 1843. He did not appear in the census until 1840 and was not in the 1850 census.

Joshua and his wife are also mentioned:

Deed Book 14, Page 236, 21 June 1831

Joshua Meek & Sally his wife to Thos Brown, $200.00 for a tract of land on waters of Drennon Creek, 50 acres, joins David Galbreath, now, Hugh Beatum.
(Henry Co., Ky, marriage Joshua Meek & Sally Stewart 5 March 1821)

Joshua first appeared in the tax records in 1823 and does not appear after 1838. He is listed in the 1830 census but not the 1840 or 1850 census.

This page refers to Henry Co., KY records only.

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