Joshua Meeks

of Fairfiled Co., OH

By Christopher A. Meek

2. Joshua Meeks was born before 1745. He married Elizabeth ______ based on court records from Frederick Co., VA in 1764. These records list him as the gaurdian of the children of Thomas Cherry. In 1768 he was listed as a chain carrier in Frederick County deed records. The Cherry family resided in Berkeley Co., WV which was taken from Frederick Co., VA.

These records imply that Joshua was an adult in 1763. That would have him born on or before 1745. However, the only reason we associate these records with Joshua Meeks of Westmoreland County is the association he had with the Cherry family. There is no reference to other Meeks in the court records concerning the Cherry family of Berkeley Co., WV. However, we do have evidence that slightly later the family of Lewis Meek resided in Berkeley County.

He migrates to S. W. Pennsylvania with Ralph Cherry and was listed in 1773 tax records of Mount Pleasant TWP, Westmoreland Co., PA. Deed records of Westmoreland County indicate that Joshua Meeks own land adjoing Jeremiah Meeks Sn, Jeremiah Meeks Jr. and John Meeks. John Meek is listed in the 1783 tax list of Mount Pleasant TWP.

It appears that Joshua moved to Washington County before 1782. Joshua Meeks of Nottingham TWP, Washington Co., PA is named in the Slave Owner Registry 3 Oct 1782. Early county histories mention a meeting at the house of Joshua Meek on Raccoon Creek. It is unclear if these references concern Joshua Meeks. However, it may well be that he moved to Washington County while holding his land in Westmoreland County. There is no other evidence of a third person named Joshua Meek(s) in S. W. Pennsylvania.

Joshua again migrates with the Cherry family when he, along with Ralph and Jeremiah Cherry, signed a request in 22 Aug 1799 and in 1801 to be granted land in what became Fairfield Co., OH. The book Pioneer Period and Pioneer People of Fairfield County, OH by C.M.L. Wiseman; “Joshua MEEKS was an early settler of Greenfield Township, Fairfield Co., OH around 1799, and died a few years later, possibly from yellow fever in 1801.”

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This informtion is based on researched done by Dan Meeks.

Note: 1 Joshua Meeks married Elizabeth
975.501 F87vd
DAR Gen. Records abstracts of Court Records for
Frederick County, VA

Page 87
Minutes 63-66, p. 149, Joshua Meeks, gdn of Moses Cherry.
O. B. 11 p. 293, Oct. 5, 1763, Moses, Aron, Rachel and Honor Cherry, orphans of Thos. Cherry, chose Joshua Meeks, gdn.
O. B. 14 p. 663, Honour Cherry, inft. and orph of Thos. chose Thos Cherry Gdn. May 1770.

Page 324

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O. B. 12 p. 118, May 1764, Joshua and Elizabeth defts. in suit.

Note: 2
Archibald Shearer, assignee of Moses Cherry; 29 Feb. 1768 - 8 July 1768;
336 acres on Potomac; adjoins his own, Thomas Cherry's 100 acres & 125 acres
patents, Aaron Cherry, Vulgamore and Wells 288 acres survey.
Chain Carriers: Joshua MEAKES & John Richardson. Surveyor Richard Rigg.

Note: 3
Ralph Cherry, son of Thomas Cherry, married Anne Meeks in Virginia 10 Oct 1765.
Anne Meeks was born 17 Jun 1750. She died 27 Sep 1822.
Ralph Cherry was born 10 Jul 1744 in Virginia. He died 22 Jul 1820.