Basil Meek


By Christopher A. Meek.

A23. Basil Meek was born about 1740 in Maryland based on his pension application dated 24 Feb 1834 Henry Co., KY. He died 18 Jan 1840 in Henry Co., KY according to the penion record. Bazil’s parents are unknown. He was a brother of John Meek born 1754 and Jacob Meek born 1755 according to the obituary of Jacob Meek published in the Palladium, Richmond, Indiana May 23, 1840.

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DIED - In the county Henry in the State of Kentucky about six weeks since, Basil Meek, a brother of the above aged one hundred and nine years. He was also a patriot of the revolution.

John and Jacob are established as brothers by (1) 1837 remembrances of Jeremiah Lee Meek where he says his father (Jacob) moved to Kentucky "..where his brother, John Meek, had built a station.", (2) Jacob was named administrator of John's will, (3) a 1920 letter written by Basil Meek, grandson of John Meek, where he said of his grandfather “He had a brother Jacob Meek, who was named in the will of John Meek as executer,…”. DNA testing also confirms that the Basil shared a common ancestor with John and Jacob.

The first record of Basil is when he purchased 100 acres of land in South Carolina on the Broad River in Caravan County 19 Jun 1770. He entered the service from Frederick Co., VA 10 Jul 1777 under the command of Captain Huge Stinson. He served until 10 Nov 1777 serving in Ohio before being discharged at Ft Redstone. He served a second time from May 1778 for four months and was discharged and went to Ft. Pitt. He served a third time between May 1779 and 11 Sep 1779 and was discharged 16 miles south of Ft. Pitt at Maton's fort.

Basil's son Jesse was report to have been born in Pittsburgh in 1780. It is not known where Basil and his family were between 1780 and 1797.

On 26 Apr 1797 he purchased an additional 119 acres in South Carolina in the Pinchney District.. He appears in the 1800 York Co., SC Census. In addition to his wife, there were; 1 male 0-10; 1 male 10-16; 1 male 16-26 and 1 fe 10-18. In 1805 he and his wife Sarah sell thier land on Garnmore creek, Broard River to Thomas Whiteside (Deed book F, page 739).

Unconfirmed sources indicate that when Basil left York County he stopped off in Tennessee to visit relatives along the Duck River. This item is mentioned due to the potential of find other relatives that are unknown at this point in time.

They moved to Henry Co., KY about 1807 and appear in the 1810 census. In addition to his wife, there is one male 16-26. A deed record dated 4 Jan 1818 shows that he purchased 63 acres. However, he began paying taxes on 62 acres in 1813. On 19 Oct 1822 he sold this land (his wife's name is mentioned). On 17 Oct 1822 he purchased 79 acres. This land was sold to Jesse Meek on 21 May 1830. He last paid taxes on 79 acres in 1829. Basil and Sarah likely continued to live on the land he gave Jesse until thier death in 1840.

He married Sarah _____. She was born between 1740 and 1750 according to census records. The 1840 census for Henry County for Jesse Meek list a female over the age of 100. Therefore, it is assumed that she died after the 1840 census in Henry Co., KY. Basil Meek and Sarah had the following children: They likely had more children as yet unidentified.

The deed and tax records make it possible to distinquish between this Basil Meek and the other Bazil Meek, son of John Meek born in 1754 who lived in the same vacinity.