Baker Meek

By Christopher A. Meek

1. Baker Meek was born about 1813 in South Carolina according to census records.

He married Elizabeth Stanfield 17 Nov 1833 in Lowndes Co., AL according to marriage records. She was born about 1814. They were listed in the 1850 and 1860 censuses of Lowndes Co., AL. In 1850 they lived next to John Standfield age 70 NC and Elizabeth age 68 NC. Elizabeth may be person (age 56 AL) near son, John, in 1870 census.

Y-DNA: A descendant of Baker Meek has a 67/67 marker match with the ancestral values for Group A in the Meek/Meeks Y-DNA project. The only ancestor in this group that lived anywhere near South Carolina was Basil Meek born 1740. Baker Meek could have been a grandson of Basil Meek. However this is just an unproven hypothesis. It is based on the premise that some of Basilís sons are unknown and probably were well established adults in South Carolina when Basil moved to Kentucky. There could have just as easily been an unknown brother or uncle of Basilís with him in York Co., SC. The DNA results do exclude all other ancestors outside of Group A (who have descendants tested for Y-DNA) from being the Meek progenitor for Baker Meek. See Group A Meek Family Introduction

  • 11. Mary A. Meek was born about 1834 in Alabama.
  • 12. John R. Meek was born about 1838 in Alabama. He married Martha Wood. She was born about 1836. She died about 1876. They were listed in the 1860 & 1870 censuses of Natchitoches Co., LA.
    • 101. Elizabeth T. Meek was born about 1861 in Alabama.
    • 102. John S. Meek was born about 1863 in Louisiana.
    • 103. Annie Meek was born about 1865 in Louisiana.
    • 104. David Meek was born about 1867 in Louisiana.
    • 105. Thomas Meek was born about 1868 in Louisiana.
  • 13. Jacob A. Meek was born about 1842 in Alabama.
  • 14. David A. Meek was born about 1845 in Alabama.
  • 15. Thomas McBride Meek was born in Aug 1848 in Alabama. He married Amanda Roper about 1869. She was born about Oct 1845. They were listed in the 1880 & 1900 censuses of Limestone Co., TX. They were listed in the 1910 census of McLennan Co., TX.
    • 141. John Meek was born 8 Nov 1871 in Texas. He died 26 May 1923 in Limestone, TX. He married Hattie LLoudell Ainsworth 1 May 1895. She was born 28 Sep 1877. She died 23 Dec 1963 in Limestone Co., TX. They were listed in the 1900 to 1920 census of Limestone, TX. In 1930 Hattie is head of household.
      • 241. Emma Meek was born Sep 1896 in Texas.
      • 242. Clara Meek was born Nov 1898 in Texas.
      • 243. Glenn Meek was born 23 Dec 1902 in Texas. He died 17 Dec 1969. Living with mother in 1930.
    • 142. Mary Elizabeth Meek was born 24 Apr 1874 in Texas. She died 17 Feb 1924 in McLennan Co., TX. She married Breckenridge Ballow 27 Mar 1890.
    • 143. Charlie Baker Meek was born 17 Apr 1877 in Texas. He died 2 Aug 1917 in McLennan Co., TX. He married Alice Pridchard. She was born about 1882. He lived with his brother John in 1900. They were listed in the 1910 census of McLennan Co., TX. Alice is listed as head of household in 1920.
      • 251. Thomas Gilbert Meek was born 24 Nov 1905 in Texas. He died 2 May 1920 in McLennan Co., TX.
      • 252. Jesse Meek was born about 1908 in Texas. Named Inez in 1920.
      • 253. Myrtle Meek was born about 1909 in Texas.
      • 254. Ada M. Meek was born about 1912 in Texas.
      • 255. Halbert Lee Meek was born 6 Aug 1912 in Texas. He died 25 Jun 1990 in McLennan Co., TX according to the Social Security Death Index. He married Edith Garner Sullenberger. She was born in1918.
        • 301. Ronald Gilbert Meek was born in 1929. *DNA kit#166299
        • 302. Phillip Wayne Meek was born 2 Apr 1947 in Waco, TX. He died in 1993 Waco, TX.
      • 256. Maud Meek was born about 1915 in Texas.
      • 257. Mamie Craven Meek was born 10 Feb 1917 in Texas. She died 5 Dec 1992 in McLennan Co., TX. She married Fletcher F. WHipple 15 Sep 1938 in McLennan Co., TX. He was born 25 Jul 1913 in Oklahoma. He died 24 May 1998 in McLennan Co., TX.
    • 144. Grover C. Meek was born 13 Feb 1885 in Texas. With parents in 1910. He married Emma S. ______ about 1920. She was born about 1883 in North Carolina. They were listed in the 1930 census of McLennan Co., TX.
      • 261. Thomas G. Meek was born about 1922.
    • 145. Gaddis Autry Meek was born 5 Jan 1891 in Texas. With parents in 1910. He was living with her brother Grover in 1930.

This is the family of Ronald Meek
Information provided in part by David K. Williams