Henry J. Meek


By Christopher A. Meek

Henry J. Meek

Portrait of Henry J. Meek
with wife Catherine sitting in the chair
William Albert is behind his mother
Moving to the viewer’s right is Hattie
David Nelson is to very end on right, no mustache
Isaiah "Ed" Meek is setting at his Mother's left,
in light color suit

103. Henry J. Meek was born 17 Nov 1821 in Belmont Co., OH. He died 28 May 1891. He was reported in the 1850-1880 censuses of Richland TWP, Belmont Co., OH.
Caution: Henry may have been a son of George born 1794 the brother of Henry born 1796.

He married Catherine Lucas (daughter of David A. Lucas and Sarah Pinkley) on 15 Apr 1847 in Belmont Co., OH. Catherine Lucas was born on 27 Jan 1828 in Belmont Co., OH. She died on 29 Nov 1905 in Belmont Co., OH. Henry J. Meek and Catherine Lucas had the following children:

  • 261. Mary C. Meek was born on 23 Feb 1848 in Belmont Co., OH. She died on 11 Jun 1926 in Belmont Co., OH.
  • 262. Sarah E. Meek was born on 14 Jan 1849 in Belmont Co., OH. She died on 2 Feb 1928 in Belmont Co., OH.
  • 263. Margaret L. Meek was born on 15 Apr 1851 in Belmont Co., OH. She died in Mar 1922 in Belmont Co., OH. She is listed with her parents in the 1880 census.
  • 264. George B. Meek was born on 20 Feb 1853 in Belmont Co., OH. He died on 10 Jun 1937 in Belmont Co., OH.
  • 265. David Nelson Meek was born 1 Jan 1855 in Belmont Co., OH. He died on 29 Mar 1919 in Oklahoma. He married Jennie Monroe. She was born about 1871 in Kansas. They were listed in the 1900-1910 censuses of Davis TWP, Pottawatomie Co., OK. Jennie was listed as a widow in the 1920 census of Rock Creek TWP, Pottawatomie Co., OK. Jennie and the children are all listed as Native Americans. See Note Below.
    • A. Rilla Meek was born about 1892 in Oklahoma. She is not listed with her mother in the 1920 census.
    • B. Susie Meek was born about 1895 in Oklahoma.
    • C. Thurman N. Meek was born about 1897 in Oklahoma.
    • D. Leah Meek was born about 1899 in Oklahoma.
    • E. David G. Meek was born about 1903 in Oklahoma.
    • F. Ethel Meek was born about 1905 in Oklahoma.
    • G. Ella Beatrice Meek was born about 1907 in Oklahoma.
    • H. Francis Meek was born about 1910 in Oklahoma.
    • I. Maria Meek was born about 1913 in Oklahoma.
  • 266. Merriman K. Meek was born on 18 Jun 1857 in Belmont Co., OH. Hhe died on 20 Feb 1943 in Belmont Co., OH. He married Caroline Brannen 20 May 1885. She was born Mar 1862 in Ohio. They were listed in the 1900-1910 censuses of Belmont Co., OH.
    • A. Alta F. Meek was born Jun 1888 in Ohio.
    • B. Harry Russell Meek was born Feb 1890 in Ohio.
  • 267. William Albert Meek was born on 11 Jan 1859 in Belmont Co., OH. He died in 1956 He married Martha Elnora Snyder in 1888 at Shawnee, OK. She was born Jan 1870 in Illinois. They were listed in the 1900-1930 censuses of Mead TWP, Belmont Co., OH.
    • A. William Henry Meek was born 22 May 1889 in Stonington, Baca, Colorado. He died 9 Nov 1965 in Clarksburg, WV according to death records which name his parents. He was listed with his parents in the 1900 census. He married (1) Leveda Celeste Rouse 26 Nov 1907. She was born 24 Nov 1887 Woodsfield, Monroe Co, OH. She died 01 Aug 1968 Newark, OH. They are listed in the 1910 census of Belmont Co., OH. Vida was listed in the 1920 census of Belmont Co., OH living with her brother and her two children by William. William is a boarder in the 1920 census of Harrison Co., WV.
      • 1. Violet Opal Meek was born about 1913 in Ohio. She married Charles Rex. (spouse unverified) He was born 01 Apr 1908 Cincinnati, OH.
      • 2. Maynard Meek was born about 1917 in West Virginia.

      • ----From Moose genealogy-unverified and contradictory.
      • 2. William Meek married Myrtle Petty
        • a. William Meek
        • b. Warren Meek
        • c. Margaret Meek
        • d. Dewayne Meek
        • e. Alicia Meek

      He married (2) Anna Hodgkiss. She was born about 1901 in Virginia. They were listed in the 1930 census of Harrison Co., WV.
      • 3. Wilbur H. Meek was born about 1923 in Virginia.
      • 4. Robert Albert Junior Meek was born about 1926 in Virginia.
      • 5. Roy Meek
      • 6. Floyd Meek
      Information from Daryl Johnson.
    • B. Margaret Catherine Meek was born 15 Apr 1891 in Baca Co., CO according to statement by her father concerning her babptismal record. She died Jul 31 1966 in Bethel,OH. She married John William Morrell in 1918. died-July 31,1966 in Bethel,Ohio.
      • 1. John William Morrell was born 2 Dec 1918 in Bellaire, OH. He died 27 Jan 1941. He died in combat of gunshot wound during World War II. No Children.
      • 2. George Warren Morrell was born 2 Dec 1920 in Bellaire, OH. He died 5 Oct 1991 at Veterans Hospital,Cincinnati, OH. He married (1) Alice Moore. He married (2) Delois Meece.
      • 3. Ernest Edward Morrell was born 27 Dec 1921 in Bellaire, OH. Died 10 Jul 2002. He married Maxine Celestia Fightmaster. She was born 8 May 1921 in Southfork, MO. She died 23 Oct 1995.
    • C. Clarence (Icky) Meek was born 1 Jun 1893 in Kansas. He died in 1981 in Belmont Co., OH. He married Goldie Vessels.
      • 1. Paul Meek married Catherine ______.
        • a. Marion Meek
        • b. Frances Meek
        • c. Martha Meek
        • d. Dorothy Meek
        • e. Elaine Meek
      • 2. Ruth Meek
      • 3. Dale Meek had 2 sons and 1 daughter
    • D. Mary Meek was born 11 Dec 1895 in Kansas. She married William Ross Weekley.
    • E. David Mearl Meek was born 10 Oct 1902 in Belmont Co., OH. He died Apr 1951. He married Lula Mae Dixon in 1923. She was born 10 Apr 1902. She died 14 Sep 1977. They were listed in the 1930 census of Belmont Co., OH living next to his father.
      • 1. Velma Marie Meek was born 20 Feb 1924. She married James E. Porter, Belmont Co., OH.
      • 2. Martha Lee Meek was born 29 Aug 1925. She married Joseph J. Toth.
      • 3. Leonard Laverne Meek was born Mar 1927. He drowned while in Army.
      • 4. David M. Meek was born about 1929 in Ohio. He married Virginia M. Hinds 3 Jun 1947. *DNA kit# 82503
      • 5. Elnora Mae Meek was born 18 Jan 1936, She married (1) Carl Benyo. She married (2) Edward Silverman.
    • F. Floyd Meek was born 31 Oct 1904. He married Mildred Fair in Belmont Co., OH.
    • G. Allen Meek was born 20 Jan 1908. He died 26 May 1997. He married Selma Doty in Belmont Co., OH. She was born 1 Feb 1913 and died June 1985.
  • 268. Harriet J. Meek was born on 20 Oct 1861 in Belmont Co., OH. She died on 26 Nov 1953. She is listed with her parents in the 1880 census.
  • 269. Isiah (Edward) C. Meek was born on 15 Jan 1864 in Belmont Co., OH. He died on 22 Apr 1952. He married Josephine Brannen 3 Nov 1898
  • 270. Maltida E. Meek was born on 4 Mar 1866 in Belmont Co., OH. She died on 30 Jan 1956 in Belmont Co., OH.
  • 271. Henry M. Meek was born on 5 Jun 1868 in Belmont Co., OH. He died on 6 Feb 1952.
  • 271a. Thurman B. Meek was born 5 Dec 1870 in Belmont Co., OH. He died 11 Jul 1938.
  • 271b. Rilla M. Meek was born 4 Apr 1873 in Belmont Co., OH. She died 2 Apr 1960. She married R. M.Brannen 6 Oct 1897.


Margaret's babptismal record- State of Ohio, Belmont County,SS:
      William A. Meek,resident of Mead Township, Belmont County,Ohio,being first duly sworn,
 deposes and says as follows:
     That he is eighty-three (83) years of age and is the father of Margaret Catherine
 Morrell, formerly Margaret Catherine Meek. That said Margaret Catherine Morrell was born
 on April 15, 1891, in BACA COUNTY,COLORADO. That she was  baptized in the Old Mt. Zion
 Methodist Episcopal Church in Putney Township,Belmont County, Ohio, in the month of June,
 1899 and that William Peregoy was the Minister. That the records of said Mt. Zion Methodist
 Episcopal Church prior to 1905 were destroyed by reason of fire and the original baptismal
 record is not available.     signed William A. Meek(signature)
       Sworn to before me and authorized in my presence this 16th day of June, 1948.
 signed K. G. Cooper (Notary Public)

Note: David Nelson Meek
The History of the State of Oklahoma, by Luther B. Hill, A.B., The Lewis Publishing Company, 1908.
At the age of twenty-seven years he made his way westward to Nebraska and worked on the college farm at Lincoln. He afterward removed to Portland, Oregon, and subsequently went by water to San Francisco, California. While in the Golden state he was employed upon a ranch in Napa county, California, for eighteen months, after which he returned eastward to Kansas City, Missouri. His next removal took him to Harper county, Kansas, where he remained upon a ranch for a year and half. He afterward spent two years in Colorado and was engaged in freighting there and also took up a tree claim in the southeastern part of the state. He freighted from Lamar, Colorado, and afterward from Trinidad to the mountains, while subsequently he went to Golden, Colorado, and as a freighter hauled lumber to the mining camp. He is familiar with all of the experiences of frontier life on the plains and in the mountain districts of the west and has met many of the hardships and privations incident to such experiences. In 1889 he came to Oklahoma and on the opening of the territory filed a claim in Payne county. Later, however, he came to Pottawatomie county with the Sac and Fox Indians, freighting under Isaac McCoy.

Jennie was a stepdaughter of Isaac McCoy. Her father was a member of the Ottawa tribe and her mother of the Sacs and Foxes. On the apportionment of government territory Mrs. Meek received about one hundred and fifty-seven acres of land, while Mr. Meek purchased one hundred and five acres. Their holdings, therefore, comprise two hundred and sixty-two acres, constituting one of the best farms in Pottawatomie county, known as the Fairview Farm.

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