Jonathan Ady Meek

By Christopher A. Meek.

1. Jonathan Ady Meek was born about 1800. He married Mary _____. She was born about 1802 in Virginia. They were listed in the 1850 census of Hocking Co., OH. (Johaen??? Meeks age 50 VA, Mary age 48 VA, Thomas age 24 OH, Rosanna age 22 OH George age 20 OH, Sarah age 17 OH, Martha age 12, Lucinda age 10 OH, Richard age 8 OH, Maria age 4 OH) They were listed in the 1860 census of Effingham Co., IL. (J. A. Meek age 60 OH, Mary Meek age 57 OH, Lucinda age 20 OH, J. R. male age 16 OH and Maria J. age 13 OH) Note: These two census records are hard to read. Given the way first names are spelled and some conflicting data it is not clear that the two records refer to the same family.

  • 11. John Meek was born about 1823 in Ohio.
  • 12. Thomas D. Meek was born about 1826 in Ohio. He died in 1904 He married Sarah Warren. She was born Jan 1840 in Ohio. Her father was Jacob Warren. They were listed in the 1860 census of Effingham Co., IL. (Thomas Meek age 34 OH, Sarah age 26 OH, Manah age 6 OH, Orpha H. age 4 OH-children's names and ages not certain) They were living with daughter Martha in 1900. AKA William Thomas and JD He was listed in the 1900 Bosque Co., TX.
    • 111. Mary Melissa Meek was born about 1852 in Ohio. AKA Mary J. or Mariah Jane.
    • 112. Martha Anne Meek was born about 26 Nov 1855 in Ohio. She died 7 Oct 1927. She married Martin Vanburen Haught. He was born 2 Sep 1854. He died 26 Oct 1926. She died 10 Aug 1927 in Caddo, OK. Other sources say her name was Orphia Anne.
    • 113. Jonathan Ady Meek was born about 1861 in Illinois. He died 2 Apr 1948 in Johnson, Texas. (Date conflict with other genealogies.) He married Mary Melissa Johnson about 1880. She was born 27 Sep 1863 in Texas. She died 14 Nov 1936 in Texas. He was listed in the 1900 Mclennan Co., TX. He was listed in the 1910 Collin Co., TX He was listed in the 1920 Grayson Co., TX. He was listed in the 1930 Johnson Co., TX. Note: Y-DNA tests on descendants of two different sons confirm a DNA profile that is exactly the same as the ancestral values for the Meek DNA Project Group B. This test does not reveal who Jonathanís father was or which known ancestor he descends from.
      • 201. ???
      • 202. William T. Meek was born Jan 1882 in Texas. He died 24 Feb 1974. He married Alberta Chambley.
      • 203. Cora Meek was born about 1885. She married W. A. Wyatt
      • 204. Walter Warren Meek was born 5 Nov 1887 in Texas. He died 8 Jul 1979. He married Susie F. Deen about 1909. They were listed in the 1910 census of Collin Co., TX living with her parents. They were listed in the 1920 census of Grayson Co., TX
        • 311. Jettie Meek was born about 1910 in Texas.
        • 312. Bertha Meek was born about 1916 in Texas.
        • 313. Carl Meek was born about 1918 in Texas.
        • 314. Benjeman Franklin Meek
          • 404. Robert Meek
      • 205. Hattie J. Meek was born Mar 1889 in Texas. She died in 1973. She married Walter Rogers 19 Feb 1902.
      • 206. Riley Clifton Meek was born 25 Jan 1892 in McLennon Co., TX. He died 14 Oct 1986 in Richardson, Collin Co., TX. He married Mattie Tinsley She was born 16 Mar 1898 in Webster Parish, LA. She died 2 May 1985 Richardson, Collin Co., TX.
        • 321. Clytie Sylvester Meek was born 23 Apr 1925 in Cresson, TX. He died 07 Feb 1999 in Houston, Harris Co., TX.
        • 322. Edna Auline Meek was born 04 Aug 1927 in Grayson, TX.
        • 323. Cecil Lee Meek was born 26 Nov 1931 in Sherman, Grayson Co., TX. He died 11 Mar 1997 in Dallas, Dallas, TX.
        • 324. Jean La Rue Meek was born 23 Nov 1937 in Denton, TX. *DNA Kit# ??????
      • 207. George Ady Meek was born Oct 1894 in Texas. He died 31 Oct 1983. He married Myrtle West 9 Aug 1917. She was born about 1902.
      • 208. Dora B. Meek was born Feb 1897 in Texas. She died in 1985. She married Virgle Bently.
      • 209. Dwight Moody Meek was born about 1901 in Texas. He died 8 Jul 1992. He married Alice Eichelberger. She was born about 1905.
      • 210. Hedrick Fulton Meek was born about 1904 in Texas. He died 4 Jan 1990. He married Aline Todd 8 Jun 1929. She was born about 1914 in Texas. She died 12 Jul 2004
        • 301. Edwin Meek was born in 1930 in Texas. He died 15 Jan 2008. He married Ellie Lee Kitchens. *DNA kit#93370
          • 411. Janet Meek married ______ Frizzell.
          • 412. Rebecca Anne Meek married ______ Wilson.
        • 302. Grady Meek
  • 13. Rosanne Meek was born about 1828 in Ohio.
  • 14. George Meek was born about 1830 in Ohio.
  • 15. Sarah Meek was born about 1833 in Ohio.
  • 16. William Meek was born about 1835 in Ohio. He may be the person in the 1860 census of Effingham Co., IL with Rebecca Meek age 21. They were laborers in the home of James Davis and lived next to Thomas Meek.
  • 17. Martha Meek was born about 1838 in Ohio.
  • 18. Lucinda Meek was born about 1840 in Ohio.
  • 19. Richard Meek was born about 1842 in Ohio.
  • 20. Maria Meek was born about 1846 in Ohio.

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