John Wesley Meek


By Christopher A. Meek

1. John Wesley Meek was born about 1801. He died Jan. 1892 in Carroll Co., KY. He married Elizabeth Claxon 26 Feb 1826 in Owen Co., KY. She was born about 1803 the daughter of Cassius Claxon and Nancy Roe. She died between 1864 and 1870. They were listed in the 1850 census of Owen Co., KY. They were listed in the 1860 census of Henry Co., KY. Also listed was Charles E. Meek age 6. He was listed in the 1870 census of Carroll Co., KY living with his son John. He was listed in the 1880 census of Carroll Co., KY living with his daughter Rebecca Spencer and son William.

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Owen Co KY marriage records show bond 13 Feb 1825, bondsman Cassius Claxon, married 26 Feb 1825 by James Medley.

CENSUS: 1830 Owen Co Ky, p. 329, age 20-29, wife 20-29, no children.

DEEDS: 1844, 26 Feb, John Meek sold land on Ky River to James Claxon Sr. for $1200

Owen Co. deed book Q, p 61. 1846, __ May, with wife, sold 70 acres on Ky River (corner to Jacob Razor, up branch where C. Claxon hauled logs) to John C. Bates of Franklin Co. for $210

Owen Co KY deed book J, page 577 1848, 22 Apr, John Meek with wife Elizabeth, sold 120 acres on Ky River (corner to James Claxon Sr and adjacent to Cassius Claxon) to Daniel Criswell for $200

Owen Co Ky Deed Book J, p 279. 1848, 18 Nov, sold 3 acres on Ky River (corner to Carter's land, northside of Wood's Branch, along road to Meek's ferry) to Thomas Carter for $70

Owen Co KY deed book J, page 585. 1861, 15 Oct, John Meek of Henry Co, and Elizabeth his wife, sold 200 acres in Owen Co. on which Jacob Razor then resided (adjacent to Thomas Carter, James Claxon Jr., John Witt, James Claxon Sr.) to Jacob Razor for $300. Statement in deed book; "I sold said tract of land to said Jacob Razor in 1830 as well as I recollect and he entered into possession of same upon making the purchase. (signed) John Meek." Next entry in deed book, on 8 Sep 1864, Jacob Razor and Frances his wife sold same land to "Hodges and Lawrence" for $4000

Owen Co Ky deed book Q, page 33-34. 1864, 12 Apr, John & Elizabeth Meek of Henry Co sold to Jesse Snell for $200 90 acres on Ky River (Owen Co deed book P, p. 494).