David Meek

Grundy Co., TN

By Christopher A. Meek

1. David Meek was born between 1775 and 1794 based on the 1820 census. He was listed in the 1812 tax list of Franklin Co., TN. He signed an affidavit in Franklin County Indian Court on 13 Sep 1813. He was listed in the 1820 census of Franklin Co., TN (4-2-0-1-1-0-//2-1-0-1). The name of his wife is unknown. There is no evidence concerning who his children were. However, beginning in 1830 the following five men named Meeks appear in the records of Grundy Co., TN. Since the 1820 census indicates that he had sons these men are presumed to be David's sons.

Living with the presumed son, John Meeks, in 1850 and 1860 was Elizabeth Meeks age 62 born in Virginia. This may be Davidís wife. Census records vary widely on ages of the sons. If Solomon and Isaac were born in Kentucky and the other son born in Tennessee it would suggest that David came to Grundy Co., TN between 1805 and 1812. Solomon and Isaac are listed in the 1830 census of Franklin Co., TN. Grundy County was formed from Franklin County.

Y-DNA from a single descendant of the presumed son John Meeks indicates this Meeks family was related to a group of early American ancestors known in the Meek DNA Project as Group C. Two ancestors born earlier than David that are included in Group C are Thomas Meek of Washington Co., MD born about 1708 and John Meek of Augusta Co., VA born about 1707. The children and grandchildren of Thomas Meek are fairly well mapped out. Those of John Meek are not. There is no other known ancestor in Group C named Meek who could have been David's father or grandfather. This family is often confused with the Pitt Co., NC Meeks family which is in DNA Group B3. DNA proves that they were not related. Note: This analysis is limited by the lack of DNA from descendants of the other sons and assumes a valid genealogy on the part of the person tested.

Elizabeth Rhea born about 1775 in Virginia lived with Davidís presumed son Britain in Grundy Co., TN. A family named Rhea lived in Augusta Co., VA. There is no evidence to connect the Rhea family of Augusta County to Elizabeth Rhea. It is suggestive and is mentioned for its probative value. It is noted that an Elizabeth Meek age 62 Virginia was living with Davidís presumed son, John Meeks, in 1850 and 1860 which also gives this Meek family a possible Virginia connection.

There is considerable speculation about a Native American connection in this family. There is absolutely no factual information about Davidís wife therefore no one can know if she had Native American blood. Speculation about the wives of his probable sons is based on unsubstantiated connections. However it is not improbable that some member of the family married a Native American and the issue remains an open question.

Connection to children is not proven.

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