William Meek

Johnson Co., KY

By Christopher A. Meek

12. William Meek died 5 Apr 1832 in Johnson Co., KY. He married Judith Popplewell 18 May 1807 in Wayne Co., KY (source unknown) She was the daughter of Isaac Popplewell and Elizabeth Flint. She was born about 1785 in Virginia. They resided Johnson Co., KY.

  • 121. Issac Meek was born on 20 Aug 1810. He died on 28 Oct 1878 in Johnson Co., KY. He married Sarah Ward (daughter of Shadrack Ward) on 19 Jun 1828 in Floyd Co., KY. She was born on 1 Oct 1811. She died on 9 Jul 1880. They were likely the people listed in the 1830-1840 censuses of Floyd Co., KY. They were listed in the 1850-1860 censuses of Johnson Co., KY.
    • 221. William Meek was born about 1831. He died 5 Oct 1910 in Johnson Co., KY. He married Sarah Virginia Syck 01 Jan 1856 in Lawrence, KY. She was born about 1836. They were listed in the 1860 census of Lawrence Co., KY. They were listed in the 1870 census of Johnson Co., KY.
      • 381. Winfield S. Meek was born about 1856 in Kentucky.
      • 382. Zephaniah Meek was born about 1858 in Kentucky.
      • 383. Judith Meek was born about 1866 in Kentucky.
      • 384. Isaac Meek was born about 1869 in Kentucky.
    • 222. Zephaniah Meek was born on 4 Apr 1833 in Floyd Co., KY. He died on 4 Sep 1909 in Johnson Co., KY. He married Mary Jane Davis 24 Nov 1853 in Johnson Co., KY. The were listed in the 1860 census of Johnson Co., KY. He may have married a second time and had a daugher named Juda.
      • 385. Lafayette Meek was born about 1854. He died on 2 Oct 1885. A minister
      • 386. Cordelia Meek was born about 1856.
      • 387. David Stafford Meek was born on 25 Nov 1858 in Johnson Co., KY. He married Lodema Coates.
        • 621. Beulah Meek married Cyrus Chatfield.
        • 622. Lena Meek married Cyrus Chatfield.
        • 623. Sophia Meek married Byron Well.
        • 624. John Wesley Meek was born about 1898. He died in World War I.
        • 625. Ray M. Meek married Carolina Burns. She was born Aug 29 1906. She died 9 Sep 1974.
        • 626. Infant Meek. twin to one child/dies at 8 months

        He married MamieWyatt.
        • 627. Edith Augusta Meek married Coleman Arnold.
      • 388. Victoria Meek married M. V. Brown.
      • 389. Hester Meek married J. Bascom Hatten.
      • 391. Irvine Meek
      • 391. Felix Meek married Anna Burns.
      • 392. Earnest Meek was born 29 Feb 1876. He married Eunice Menor.
        • 631. Donald Earnest Meek
        • 632. Luther Menor Meek
        • 633. Eunice Dean Meek
        • 634. Gertrude Christine Meek
        • 635. Lawrence Herman Meek
    • 223. Paulina Meek was born about 1835. She died in 1880 in Johnson County. She married John M. Ward 2 Aug 1853.
    • 224. Lucina Meek was born about 1837.
    • 225. Shadrack Meek was born about 1839. He died 2 Oct 1866 in Nebraska. He was listed in the 1860 of Johnson Co., KY living with his employer.
    • 226. Sarah Meek was born 22 Mar 1841. She died 15Feb 1908. She married Christopher C. Price 10 Jul 1857.
    • 227. India Meek was born about 1843. (Not listed in some sources.)
    • 228. Jesse Meek was born about 1845. He died 21 Jan 1935 in Johnson Co., KY. He married Martha Ann Nibert. They were listed in the 1870 census of Johnson Co., KY living with James Nibert age 50. They are burried in Mayo Cemetery in Johnson County.
      • 393. James N. Meek was born 17 Mar 1870 in Kentucky. He died 14 Nov 1949 in Johnson Co., KY. He married Victoria Salyer in 1902. She was born 6 Aug 1884, the daughter of William and Mary Lou Jordan Salyer. She died 19 Jun 1949.
        • 636. Ernest Meek was born in 1905. He died in 1967.
        • 637. Walter H. Meek was born in 1907. He died in 1973.
          • A. Walter Robert Meek was born 31 Jan 1930. He died 28 Dec 2004 in Johnson Co., KY. He married Francis Irene Ramsey. She was born 2 Sep 1927. She died 27 Nov 1980.
        • 638. James N. Meek was born 11 Apr 1921. He died 29 Apr 1984.
    • 229. Greenville Meek was born Mar 1853. He died 1 Jul 1901. He married Huldah Price 22 Sep 1865. She was born in 1847. She died 24 May 1923 in Johnson Co., KY. They were listed in the 1870-1880 censuses of Paintsville, Johnson Co., KY. They are burried in Mayo Cemetery in Johnson County.
      • 394. Warren Meek was born about 1871 in Johnson Co., KY.
      • 395. Alice Meek was born about 1877 in Kentucky.
      • 396. Jonah Meek was born about 1879 in Kentucky. He died in 1896 Johnson Co., KY.
    • 230. Lovina Meek was born about 1848. She died 10 Sep 1857.
    • 231. Exer Meek was born 6 Sep 1849 in Johnson Co., KY. She died 9 Feb 1942 in Johnson Co., KY. She married Marcus Wells 6 Aug 1867 in Johnson Co., KY. He was born 5 Dec 1849 in Johnson Co., KY.
  • 122. William Meek was born about 1810. He married Elizabeth White 8 Sep 1840 in Warren Co., KY.
  • 123. Mary Meek was born about 1812. She married H. P. Hylton 5 Apr 1832.
  • 124. George Meek was born about 1813.
  • 125. Richard Meek

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1860 census of Johnson Co., KY lists John Meek born about 1800 living with William Ward born 1791.

HISTORY OF KENTUCKY AND KENTUCKIANS, E. Polk Johnson, three volumes, Lewis Publishing Co., New York & Chicago, 1912. Common version, Vol. III, pp. 1304-06. Johnson County. REV. ZEPHANIAH MEEK. The life of the Rev. Zephaniah Meek demonstrates that if a man is determined to rise in the world there is nothing that can prevent it, and as an illustration of this a sketch of his career will be of use and therefore beneficial to all young men. Rev. Meek was born in Johnson county, Kentucky, on April 4, 1833, the son of Isaac and Sarah (Ward) Meek, natives of Virginia, the former born August 20, 1810, and died in Johnson county, Kentucky, October 28, 1878, and the latter, born October 1, 1811, and died July 9, 1880. Isaac Meek came to Kentucky when young with his parents, who settled in Johnson County and later went to Arkansas, where they made a home, the father of Isaac being William Meek. Isaac grew to manhood in Johnson county, Kentucky, married there and settled at the mouth of Greasy Creek, where he made a home for the remainder of his life. His wife was the daughter of Shadrach and Louisa Ward, and was a woman of strong mind and great force of character, of sweet Christian spirit, a model of industry, thrift and economy, rearing a large family of sons and daughters. Amid pioneer surroundings in the hills of northeastern Kentucky, our subject, Zephaniah Meek, the second son, grew to manhood. He had few opportunities for an education in his boyhood, but he supplemented the lack of high school and academies by reading and studying the best books he could borrow, and by systematic study he was at the age of thirty superior in knowledge and mental culture to almost anyone his age in his native county. His religious independence in early youth was so marked as to cause him to pass the door of the church of his own people to enter communion with one more liberal and broad in doctrine and discipline. In early life he taught school and during those days married Mary Jane Davis, a member of an honorable pioneer family of Sandy Valley.