Marshall Co., TN

James F. Meeks

By Christopher A. Meek

1. James F. Meeks was born about 1821 in Tennessee according to census records. He was listed in the 1850 census of Marshall Co., TN. He was listed in the 1870 to 1880 censuses of Marshall Co., TN.

In 1850 James Meeks age 27, occupation is listed as farmer, no value for property listed. He cannot read or write.
In 1870 James F. Meeks age 50, occupation is listed as farming. He cannot read or write.
In 1880 James Meeks age 59, is listed as a laborer. Both parents were born in Tennessee. He cannot read or write.

The name James F. Meek first appears in deed records for Marshal Co., TN in 1830. His boundry was used as a landmark in another persons deed. On 30 Nov 1839 James Franklin Meek and Margery Meek sell 130 acres to Thomas O. Hunter. This land was inherited from James Meek according to the deed. James Meek was the son of Adam Meek born about 1729 and inherited the land from his father who never lived in Tennessee. James F. Meeks who married Polly Hardin was born between 1820 and 1823 according to three census records James would have been less than 10 years old in 1830 and one would not expect to see him as the owner of property although this cannot be ruled out. There may have been two men named James F. Meek(s) in Marshall County. who were not necessarily father and son

Also residing in Marshall County was William Meek born about 1792 and his son James Allen Meek born 1816. William also sold land previously owned by James Meek without there being a record of him purchasing it. DNA test show that William Meek and James F. Meeks born about 1821 were related. Unfortunately the DNA tests suggest they were not closely related and additional testing is needed. Considerable uncertainty exists as to how the different men named Meek(s) were related.

He married (1) Polly Ann Hardin 13 Jan 1843 in Marshall Co., TN according to marriage records.

  • 101. William L. Meeks was born about 1845 in Tennessee.
    The connection to the genealogy on the following page has not been proven but is supported by matching DNA. * DNA kit#170299

He married (2) Sophia Jane Luna 5 Jan 1846 in Marshall Co., TN according to marriage records.

  • 102. John J. Meeks was born 10 Nov 1846 in Tennessee. He died 29 Nov 1915 in Hardin Co., TN. He married Margaret M. Curtis 26 Oct 1870 in Marshall Co., TN. She was born Mar 1846 in Tennessee. Her parents were James M. Curtis and Lydia Gibson. * DNA kit#185459
  • 103. Fanny Meeks was born about 1849 in Tennessee.
  • 104. Mary Meeks was born about 1850 in Tennessee. She was not listed in the 1870 census.
  • 105. Manerva Meeks was born about 1854 in Tennessee.
  • 106. Catherine Meeks was born about 1854 in Tennessee.
  • 107. William Meeks was born about 1856 in Tennessee.
  • 108. James Meeks was born about 1864 in Tennessee.
  • 109. Dolly Meeks was born about 1866 in Tennessee.
Information provided in part by Sue Meeks

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Bedford County Tennessee Deeds, Book BB, Pages 110
Lewis Phillips and his wife Peggy and William B. Phillips and his wife Polly and William Meeks
conveyed to Richard Warner, all of Bedford County, TN, land in Bedford County on the south
side of the Duck River. Borders James F. Meeks, 180 acres, witnesses: William Burditt and D. D. Arnold.
Registered 11 Nov 1830

TSLA Roll # A-2188 - Marshall Co. TN Probate Deeds 1836-1840, Page 178
James F. MEEK & Margery MEEK To Thomas O HUNTER,
Know all men by these presents that James Franklin Meek and Margery Meek
of the Marshall in the state of Tennessee...
To Indenture and bargain and Sale of 130 acres of Land in Marshall
County was this day ackowledged before me by the Said James & Margery
MEEK and by me certified for registration November 26th 1839
M. W. OAKLEY (clk)

1850 TN Marshall-20 Nov 1850
666 666
Nacy Meeks 37
Susan G. 27

667 667
James Meeks 27 M TN
Sophia ? 24 F TN
William L. 5 TN
Fanny 1 F TN
Mary E. 1/12 TN

1870 TN Marshall-22 Jul 1870

Meeks, Jas F. 50 TN
Sophia 30 F 
Fanny 20 F
Manerva 17 F
Catherine 16 F
William 14 M
James 6 M
Dolly 4 F
John 21 F

1880 TN Marshall-4 Jun 1880

Meeks, James 59, Laborer TN TN TN
Jane, 48
Mary, 21
Jimmie, 16
Dolly, 15
William, 1 grandson

Luna, William 58
Mary A. B., 57
Mary V., 27
Meek, William 19 Nephew TN TN TN

Cathey, WIlliam F. 43 TN TN TN
Adaline, 34
Meek, Matilda 58 TN NC NC