Adam Meek of Mecklenburg Co, NC


By Christopher A. Meek

1. Adam Meek was born in 1729. He died 1822 in Cabarrus, NC. He signed a will on 10 Sep 1817 in Mecklenburg, NC. He first appears in Mecklenburg, NC land records in 1754.

Deed book 2, page 464 Adam Meek & wife, Elizabeth to John Hill 350A on Long Creek
a branch of Catawba River, land granted him May 17 1754 in Anson County, NC.

Vol. 2 page 75-77 Robert Miller & wife, Rachel to John Henderson (dated 4-5 March 1765) 200A adj. Wm. Prices
line, part of land granted to Geo. Renick 31 March 1753 and 30 Aug. 1753, then conveyed to
Adam Meek, weaver, and by Adam Meek & wife, Eliz. to James Miller, etc.
He appeared on the census in 1790 in Mecklenburg, NC. He received a land grant in 1795 for 1000 acres on the south side of the Duck River in what is now Marshall Co., TN. It does not appear that he lived there himself.

He married Elizabeth Miller (daughter of Robert Miller and Mary Alexander). She was born in 1726 in Maryland. She died on 20 Nov 1805 in Cabarrus, NC. She was buried in McClure burying grounds near Poplar Tent church.

The names Adam Meek and Robert Miller appears on the list of taxables of Cecil Co., MD for the year 1752. Mary Alexander is reported to be the daughter of Moses Alexander b: 1693 and Mary Wallace. The Alexander and Wallace families appear to have been from Cecil Co., MD. This information needs to be verified but appears to indicate that Adam Meek may also have been from Cecil Co., MD. There was also an older Adam Meek in Cecil County but he IS NOT the father of Adam Meek born 1729 because that Adam had a much younger son named Adam.

Benjamin Alexander & Wife to Andrew Meek (dated 1765) land on___ side of Cataba, on Fishing Creek. Witnessed by Moses Meek
(this deed states the Andrew was from Prov. of Maryland.)
Andrew was the son of a different Adam Meek that is known to have lived in Cecil Co., MD. Several sons of this Adam Meek settled in York Co., SC.)

Adam Meek and Elizabeth Miller had the following children:

  • 11. Mary Meek was born on 4 Dec 1756 in North Carolina. She died on 6 Apr 1836 in Sumner Co, TN. She married Joseph Bradner Wallace about 1773. He was born on 6 Aug 1757 in Virginia. He died on 15 Oct 1820 in Sumner Co., TN. He was the son of James Wallace and Amelia Bradner. They moved to Sumner Co., TN about 1878 where they built a fort called Wallace Station
    • 101. Unknown Wallace was born about 1775.
    • 102. Elizabeth Wallace was born on 22 Jan 1777 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. She died on 9 Mar 1854. She married Israel Moore on 15 May 1795. He was born in 1771 in Belfast, Ireland. He died before 1831. She married Jonathan Wilson on 17 Nov 1831. He was born in 1773. He died on 12 Oct 1857. Jonathan was her daughter's father-in-law.
    • 103. James Wallace was born 22 Dec 1778 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. He died on 6 Apr 1847. He married Lydia Gillespie 11 Feb 1803. She was born on 2 Aug 1783. She died on 28 Aug 1870.
    • 104. Jane Wallace was born 5 Nov 1780 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. She died on 4 Jan 1848. She married David Beard on 25 Mar 1800. He was born in 1780.
    • 105. Sarah Wallace was born on 30 Sep 1782 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. She married James Wallace Harris. He was born in 1782.
    • 106. Adam Wallace was born on 13 Nov 1784 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. He died on 10 Apr 1858. He married to Sarah Stewart (daughter of Samuel Stewart and Ann Wallace) on 7 Jan 1806 in Sumner Co., TN. She was born in 1786 in Gallatin, TN.
    • 107. Ann Wallace was born on 13 Oct 1786 in Mecklenburg Co, NC. She died on 9 Jul 1848 in Council Bluffs, IA. She married James Armstrong McCall. He was born on 31 Aug 1787 in York District, SC. She married Samuel Stewart on 29 Sep 1805 in Christian Co., KY. He was born in 1784 in Orange Co., NC. He died on 28 Dec 1814 in New Orleans, LA. He died in Battle of New Orleans.
    • 108. John Wallace was born on 24 Jan 1789 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. He died on 11 Aug 1849. He married Matilda Wilson 1 Sep 1813 in Sumner Co., TN. She was born in 1793.
    • 109. Mary Wallace was born on 31 Jan 1791 in Gallatin, TN. She died on 15 Feb 1866 in Allen, KY. he married Rabey Harrell. He was born in 1787. He died in 1872 in Allen, KY.
    • 110. Matilda Wallace was born on 11 May 1793 in Sumner Co., TN. She married James McGee on 19 Jan 1813. He was born in 1793.
    • 111. Joseph Bradner Wallace was born on 30 Jan 1795 in Sumner Co., TN. He died on 15 Apr 1885 in Sumner Co., TN. He married Melissa Wilson 18 Mar 1818 in Sumner Co., TN. She was born in 1795 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. She died on 24 Jun 1854.
    • 112. Evan Wallace was born on 30 Jan 1797 in Sumner Co., TN. He died on 27 Oct 1878. He married Cynthia Caroline Anderson. She was born in 1797.
    • 113. Samuel Wallace was born on 18 Nov 1799 in Gallatin, TN. He died on 9 Oct 1882. He married Elizabeth Sophia Bracken on 21 Jul 1830. She was born in 1799.
  • 12. James Meek was born about 1758 in Mecklenburg, NC. (Source unknown.) He was mentioned in father's will as well as that of Robert Miller. He inherited 1000 acres in modern day Marshall Co., TN from his father in 1822. The North Carolina grant number 287 was for 1000 acres south of the Duck River. The grant was dated 17 Dec 1794. Adam gave his power of Attorney for the land grant to James Meek, Joseph Wallace, and John Wilson on 14 Jul 1808. A person named James Meek signed a bill of sale in Bedford Co., TN 25 Apr 1815. James Meek sold 100 acres of the land grant on 19 Jun 1820. He is NOT listed in the 1820 census of Bedford County.
    • 123. Adam Meek mentioned in will of grandfather, Adam Meek, as son of James.
      "1797-Note that file contains appointment of Robert Meek [son of Adam] on 11/28/1820 as guardian of minor Adam Meek, son of James, and accounting of estate of Adam Meek I on 4/9/1828. abstracts of Adam Meek's probate from Paul Meek Notes.
  • 13. Ann Meek was born in 1762. She married John Wilson. He was born on 27 Dec 1759. He died on 28 Oct 1836.
    • 131. James Wilson
    • 132 . Samuel Wilson
    • 133. Mary Wilson
    • 134. Archer Wilson
    • 135. Susan Wilson
    • 136. Elizabeth Wilson
    • 137. Jennie Wilson
  • 14. Robert Meek was born 4 Oct 1765 in Mecklenburg, NC.
  • 15. Samuel Meek was born in 1767 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. He died on 26 Sep 1802 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. He was buried in McClure's Cemetary. He married Jeannie Wallace 16 Feb 1784.
    • 151. Elizabeth Meek.
    • 152. Jane Meek. She married Alexander Laird.
    • 153. William Alexander Lees Meek He married Margaret Cannon 24 Jan 1831.

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Note: Most of this information comes from the wills of Adam Meek and Robert Miller. Source for birthdates is unknown.

Meck. NC deed bk 14:209; 17 Dec 1793 State Grant #287 valued at 10 pounds per 100 acres to Adam Meek, 1000 acres in middle Dist of TN on South side of Duck River opposite mouth of Wilson Creek wit Richard Dobbs Spaight, Gov. "From Iredell Co Deed Abstracts Lois Schneider"

Will book E: p. 29 Adam Meek, SR. 10 Sep 1817 (probate not recorded with will.)

Being unwell, I will to my son James meek my plantation of 1,000 A on the south side of Duck R. in the State of Tennessee, the negro Jess, and Flavel's Works in two voluems; to my grandson Adam Meek, son of James, the negro Jack; to my sons-in-law Joseph Wallace and John Wilson $100 each; and to my dau Mary Wallace the two books Owen on Communion and Dickinson's Familiar Letters; to my dau Ann Wilson, the two books the Saints Rest and Brown's Catechism; and to my son Robert Meek the plantation of 400 A where he now lives on McDowells Ck., negroes Bill and Dinah and the care of the elderly negro woman Guinea, my writing desk and Family Bible, Erskines Work's in 10 volumes, and $50.

I give to my granddau Elizabeth Meek, dau of Robert, the negro Jean; to James Meek, son of Robert, 140 A on the southeast end of the plantation I now live on adj Robert Smith; to Adam Meek, son of Robert, $50; to my grand dau Sarah Meek Scott 90 A on the west side of the plantation I live on as surveyed by William Wilson; and to Elizabeth Meek, Jane Meek and William Alexander Lees Meek, children of Samuel Meek, decd, the price of the land the sd Samuel lived on which is now sold for $1,000 which I divide as follows: $300 to Elizabeth, $300 to Jane, $400 to William.

I give to my niece Agness Hunter 108 A including improvements where I now live agreeable to a plat by George Alexander made 15 apr 1813 as well as her spinning wheel, a chair, her bed and furniture, two cows, two sheep, half of my pewter and tin ware, a walnut chest, the second biggest pot, her mare and colt, the negro Tilly. At my demise Agness is also to have a third of any crop growing on the ground willed to her after the present crop is gathered. I will to my grandson Moses Meek, son of Robert, the negro Abner. All the remainder of my estate is to be sold and the proceeds, after payment of my just debts, are to be divided among the following: James and Robert Meek, Mary Wallace, each of the sons of Robert, Adam and Robert.

Exrs: Trusty friend Matthew Wallace and son Robert Meek. Wit: R. W. Smith, Matt. Wallace and Jane Corum.

Will of Robert Miller, in part.

In the name of god amen. I Robert Miller sr. Of the county of Mecklenburg and the province of North Carolina being in good Health and perfect memory, blessed be to god. Therefore do This first day of January in the fifth year of the reign of the Lord George the third and in the year of our lord 1756 do make And publish this, my last will and testament in manner and Form following, that is to say in primus....

Then i will and Order and request that the remainder of the 800 acres of land On little Tyger river shall be sold to the best advantage and The price thereof to be equally divided in the following Manner, that is to say to my son James Miller one third of the Price of the land above said, the second third part to my Grandson Samuel Neely and the other third part to my Grandson James Meek, the son of Adam Meek, the children's Money to be put in trust by their parents. Then to my daughter Ann forty shillings proclamation money or twenty shillings Sterling. Then to my grandson John Miller the son of my son Robert, ten pounds proclamation money.

... And no other, and I make, constitute and ordain my good friends Alexander Lewis, John Miller and William Neely to be My executors of this my last will and testament. in witness whereof I the said Robert Miller sr. Have to this my last will and testament set my hand and seal this fourth day of January Anno Domini 1765. (Will book b, office of clerk of Superior court, Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, NC.) From minutes of Meck county court 1774-1780

1778 on motion ordered that a supoena (sic) issue to the executors of last will and testament of Robert Miller that they answer such matters and things as brought against them by Adam Meek. Executors are Alexander Lewis, William Neely and John tagger.