Athe Meeks

Christopher A. Meek

3. Athe Meeks was born about 1751. He died 20 Apr 1812 in what is now Spencer Co., IN. He was listed in 1776 military records for Montgomery Co., VA. Also listed in the same company were Priddy Meeks and Jesse Meeks. He married Margaret Snead. (Source unknown.) Deed records dated 25 Sep, 1776, 25 Nov 1778 and 3, Apr 1780 place him in Surry Co., NC. He was granted 440 acres 15 Jan 1885 on branches of Horse Creek and waters of Reedy River in Old "96" district of South Carolina. He was listed in the 1790 census of Greenville, SC. He sold all his land in Old 96 and Greenville Districts 30 Sep 1797. He moved to Hardin Co., KY in 1798.

  • 42. William Meeks was born 8 Aug 1778 in Virginia.
  • 43. John Meeks was born 20 Oct 1780 in Greenfield, SC. He Married (1) Elizabeth _______ in 1798 in Louisa Co., VA. He married (2) Mary Hartman 7 Jul 1800 in Shelby Co., KY. She was born about 1782 to Abraham Hartman. Note: There were at least three different Meek(s) families in early Shelby Co., KY. There were men named John in all three families.
  • 44. Susannah Meeks was born 5 May 1783 in Greenville, SC.
  • 45. Mary Meeks was born 25 March 1786 in Greenville, SC.
  • 46. Jesse Meeks was born 29 Jul 1788 in Greenville, SC.
  • 47. Charles Meeks was born 15 Sep 1790 in Greenville, SC. He married (1) Judith Carden 10 Oct 1825 in Louisa Co., VA.
  • 50. Priddy Meeks was born 29 Aug 1795 in Greenville District, SC. He died 7 Oct 1886 in Orderville, Kane Co., UT. DNA kit# 483805, 212486 & SMGF#2
  • 49. Athe Meeks was born on 7 Apr 1793 in Greenville, SC. He died 1 Apr 1843 in Spencer Co., IN. DNA=SMGF#1
  • 48. Elizabeth Meeks was born 16 Jan 1798 in Grayson Co., KY
  • 51. Margaret Meeks was born 2 Aug 1804 in Grayson Co., KY

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