John Meeks

Louisa Co., VA/Hanover Co., VA

12. John Meeks died before Nov 1783 according to deed records. His will was "proved" in Hanover Co., VA but is not available at this time. He resided in Louisa Co., VA according to a Jun 1783 Hanover Co., VA deed. He married Elizabeth ______ according to a deed records dated Jun 1783. (This deed could refer to a John Meek born between 1760 and 1770 according to the 1830 Louisa Co., VA census.)

Note: Hanover County was formed from New Kent in 1720. Goochland County was formed from Henrico County in 1728. Louisa County was formed from Hanover County in 1742. Albemarle County formed in 1744 from Goochland and part from Louisa in 1761.

The name John Meeks appeared in deed records of Hanover Co., VA in the 1780's. He transferred land to Martin Meeks and Littleton Meeks through his will according to deed records dated 7 Nov 1783 and 2 Oct 1788. The date or contents of the will is unknown.

Hanover County, Virginia Deeds, 1783-1792, Abstracted and compiled by Rosalie Edith Davis.

June 1783: John Meeks and Elizabeth his wife of Louisa Co. To Edward Bryers of Hanover County 60 pounds for 67 acres on Allens Creek near the River parting said Meeks and Watson along Watson's line to corner of said Meeks and Martin Meeks and said Joseph Watson......along Martin Meek line to Allens Creek Down the Creek to the River. Wit John Hughes, Isaac Robeson, John Robertson, 4 December 1783, proved by oath of Isaac Robertson, John Robertson and Martin Meeks.

7 November 1783: Martin Meeks and Margaret his wife of Hanover County. To Edward Bryers of same 100 pounds 1/3 part of 2 acres on Allens Creek being a Mill Seat on said Creek devised by the last will and testament of John Meeks, decd. Which will being proved in court of Hanover County. Martin (X) Meeks, Margaret (X) Meeks. Wit John Hughes, Daniel Hawes, John (X) Farris, William Hawes, John Shelburn. 4 December 1783 acknowledged by Martin Meeks.

17 November 1783: Martin Meeks and Margaret his wife of Hanover County. To William Hawes of same for 100 pounds for 50 acres on Allens Creek bounded by Edward Bryers, Joseph Watson and the main run. Wit. Daniel Hawes, Edward Briers, John Hughes, John Farris. 7 May 1784 acknowledged by Martin Meeks and Margaret his wife.

2 October 1788: Littleton Meeks and Elizabeth his wife of North Carolina, Surry County, to Frederick Bartlett of Virginia, Hanover County, 117 pounds for 117 acres in St. Martins Parish on south side of Pamunkey River on both sides of one of the branches of Allens Creek which land conveyed to said Littleton by John Meeks by will of said John Meeks of record in court of Hanover. Signed Littleton (X) Meeks. Wit. Thomas Pollard, Walter Coles, Thomas Rogers. 1 January 1789 proved by oath of Thomas Pollard, Thomas Rogers and Walter Coles.

On its face the 1830 census indicates that there were two Meeks families living in Louisa County. Whether they both lived there in the 1780's is unknown. If the man who left land to Littleton and Martin WAS NOT the John Meek in the Jun 1783 deed then it is likely that the older John Meeks in the 1830 census did go back to the 1780's.

There is little documented information concerning who this John Meeks was. Traditional and undocumented genealogies tell us that John was a brother of William Meeks born about 1725. (the source of this date is unknown.) However, no proof of a relationship between John and William has been offered. William Meeks has traditionally been named as the father of Priddy, Athe, Litttleton and Nacy among others including Martin. With the exception of Athe, there is no proof who William's children were. Go to William Meeks genealogy

The following Meeks names appear in various Louisa Co., VA records. No relationship has been established. Do NOT assume one.

  • Martin Meeks sold 67 acres on Allens Creek Jun 1783. His wife's name was Margaret ______. He benefitted from the will of John Meeks.
  • Bartlett Meeks sold land in Hanover Co., VA on 13 Oct 1809. His wife's name was Mary ______.
  • Littleton Meeks sold 117 acres on Allens Creek 2 Oct 1788. His wife's name was Elizabeth ______. He benefitted from the will of John Meeks.
  • John Meeks was born between 1760 and 1770. He appeared in the 1830 census of Louisa Co., VA. (male 10-15, 60-70, Female 60-70)
  • John Meeks Jr. was born between 1790 and 1800. He appeared in the 1830 census of Louisa Co., VA. (0-1-0-0-1-1//0-0-1-0-0-1) An unidentified person age 20-30 was living with John. It is not clear which person was John. He married Mary Fielding 22 Dec 1819 in Louisa Co., VA. (Source: Ancestry, Virginia Marriages, 1740-1850)
  • James Meeks was born between 1800 and 1810. He appeared in the 1830 census of Louisa Co., VA. (male 0-5, 20-30, Female 20-30) He married Maria Walker 29 Dec 1828 in Louisa Co., VA. (Source: Ancestry, Virginia Marriages, 1740-1850)
  • James Meeks was born between 1800 and 1810. He appeared in the 1830 census of Louisa Co., VA. (male 0-5, 20-30, Female 20-30) (Listed on a differnt page than James Meek above)

The Meek/Meeks DNA Project

The four names Athe, Priddy, Littleton and Nacy are highly unusual for any family named Meek(s). This is a benefit in tracing their movement and associations.

Littleton Meeks was an uncommon name for Meek(s) families of the 1700's. The 1788 deed record from Hanover Co., VA places him in Surry Co., NC. He would have been born before 1768 and his wife’s name was Elizabeth. It is not clear that he had actually lived in Hanover Co., VA but he did own land there. The deed record also associates him with John Meeks. Because Littleton inherited land from John Meeks there is an assumption that they were related. A family relationship is not proven by the deed record alone and any family relationship is undefined. However, it would have been highly coincidental for John Meeks to have some sort of financial relationship with an unrelated person who had the same surname that would cause him to leave that person land in his will.

Men thought to be descendants of William Meeks, including Littleton, Athe and Nacy have been identified by DNA from their descendants as being related. Technically the results show that they shared a common ancestor. DNA does not prove who the common ancestor was or when he lived. The Meek/Meeks Y-DNA Project labels this family as Group F.

Athe Meeks has been proven to be the son of William Meeks through two Greenville Co., SC court records dated 27 September 1794 and 7 January, 1797. William previously lived in Surry Co., NC according to tax, deed and court records. As mentioned earlier Littleton can also be documented to have lived in Surry Co., NC.

Y-DNA results indicate that Athe and Littleton were probably not brothers. Therefore William was probably not the father of Littleton. Review complete report

Notwithstanding the uncertainty about the relationship between John Meeks and Littleton Meeks, it appears that John Meek can be tied to William Meeks through the connection between Athe and William and the DNA profile of Athe and Littleton. The relationship between John and William is not revealed.

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Louisa Co., VA
Book: L, Page: 431, Grantor: Bartlett Meeks and Mary his wife, Grantee: William Pulliam, Date: 13-Oct-1809
Bartlett Meeks and Mary his wife of Louisa to William Pulliam of Hanover for wagon and hind geer with 1 mare valued ++50 for tract in Louisa on head of Locust Creek containing 90 acres adjoining Benjamin B. Hope, Ned Edwards, Win's orphans and William Poindexter. Wit. William Henderson, John (X) Gentry, Thompson W. Pulliam and Nelson C. Pulliam.

Book: M, Page: 314, Grantor: Anthony Bunch and Mary his wife, Grantee: Anderson G. Jones, Date: Feb 1814
Anthony Bunch and Mary his wife to Anderson G. Jones, $100 for tract on Camp Creek containing 387 acres adjoining Wm. Walker, John Meeks, Roberson, Christian Dobbs, Jenkins, Wm. Walker. Sig. Anthony Bunch and Mary Bunch. wit. Thos. Poindexter, Thos. Whitlock, Thos. Jones.

Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775. [Vol. II]
I-82: Mr Robert Eskridge of Richmond Co. states there was 51 A. on Yocomoco River in Westmoreland Co., part of 900 acres granted to Edward Walker 20 Sept 1650, who by will devised to his son John Walkers who conveyed to John Meeks (records of Westmoreland Co. Ct.). Meeks died intestate without known heirs. Land escheats. Grant to Eskridge. ….. 1 May 1762