Andrew Meek

By Christopher A. Meek

1. 1. Andrew Meek was born about 1830 in Bohemia according to. census records which have his place of birth as Austria or Bohemia. (Bohemia is now part of the Czech Republic but was ruled by Austria in the 1800's.) He married Mary _____. She was born Sep 1835. According to the 1900 census Andrew immigrated in 1850 and Mary immigrated in 1853. (There was a revolution in Bohemia in 1848.) They were listed in the 1870 and 1880 censuses of St. Louis, MO where he was a teamster. They were listed in the 1900 census of St. Louis, MO living with daughter Julia.

  • 11. Mary Meek was born about 1855 in Missouri.
  • 12. Babette Meek was born about 1860 in Missouri.
  • 13. Julia Meek was born about 1864 in Missouri. She married Robert Richmond.
  • 14. John Meek was born about 1866 in Missouri.
  • 15. Andrew Meek was born about 1867 in Missouri.
  • 16. Anthony Meek was born about 1870 in Missouri.
  • 17. Willie Meek was born about 1872 in Missouri.
  • 18. George Casper Meek was born Jan 1875 in Missouri. He died 3 Jun 1945. He married Annie _____. She was born Mar 1876 in Missouri. They were listed in the 1900 census of St. Louis, MO. He married (2) Frances _____. She was born about 1873 in Bohemia. They were listed in the 1910 to 1930 censuses of St. Louis, MO.
    • 101. Alexander Meek was born Oct 1894 in Missouri.
    • 102. George Oliver Meek was born Jul 1897 in Missouri. (Also listed as Oliver G. Meek.)
      • 201. George Oliver Meek
        • 301. Father Meek
          • 401. Andre M. Meek *DNA kit# 170656 Haplogroup E-L117
        • 302. Aunt Meek
          • 401. Christopher J. Meek
    • 103. Walter L. Meek was born Apr 1899 in Missouri. He died in 1958.
    • 104. Stanley R. Meek was born Oct 1902 in Missouri.

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