William Meeks

Owen Co., KY

By Christopher A. Meek

1. William Meeks was born about 1820 in Virginia according to the 1870 census. He married Milly ____. She was born Mar 1838 in Missouri according to the 1900 census. They were listed in the 1870 census of Owen Co., KY. Milly was listed in the 1880 census of Henry Co., KY as a widow. She was also listed in the 1900 census of Owen Co., IN with her son, William.

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1930 Owen Co., KY Apr 3
Meeks, Florian 	Head M neg 28 M20 KY KY KY (Married age 20)
Martha L Meeks 	Wife F neg 26 M18 KY KY KY (Married age 18)
Florian Meeks 	Son M  neg 8 S KY (1922) 
Anna B Meeks 	Dau F  neg 5 S KY
Laura E Meeks 	Dau F  neg 4 6/12 S KY
Lula M Meeks 	Dau F  neg 2 9/12 S KY
Alphones Meeks	Head M neg 51 M26 KY KY MO
Belle S.		Wife 39 F neg M15 KY KY KY
Leonard		Son 19 M neg KY S
1920 Owenton, Owen Co., KY
William Meeks 	Head M B 54 Married  KY can read and write
Annie Meeks 		Wife F B 44 Married KY can read and write
Florian Meeks 	Son M B 18 Single KY can read and write
Leonard Mayes 	 Boarder 38 M B Married

Not found in 1910

1900 West Owenton, Owen Co., KY
William Meeks 	Head	B M Oct 1857 M8 KY VA MO (Married 8 years)
Annie 			Wife	B F May 1868 M8 1-1 KY (Married 8 years)
William 		Son	B M Sep 1897 KY
Millie 			Mother B F Mar 1838 MO (connects this William to 1880 census)
Alfonso 		Brother B M May 1875 KY
Leonard 		Brother B M Apr 1877 KY

1890 census destroyed  

1880 Franklinton, Henry Co., KY
Milly Meeks 		B F 50 MO MO MO Widow
William Meeks 	B M 21 KY Son
Bettie Meeks 		B F 18 KY Dau
Andrew Meeks 	B M 14 KY Son
Albert Meeks 		B M 6 KY Son
Leonard Meeks 	B M 3 KY Son

1870 Owenton, Owen Co., KY
Meeks, William 	50 M M VA Farmer, Citizen, cannot read or write
Milly 			25 F M KY
Wm Jr.  		12 M M KY 
Sally 			08 F M KY
Betty 			06 F M KY
Mary 			04 F M KY
Andrew J. 		01 M M KY
Hemming, Jeff		21 M M KY Farm laborer