Robert Meek

By Christopher A. Meek

1. Robert Meek came from Edinburg, Scottland and settled in Cumberland Co., PA according to an article by ELizabeth Breckenridge Meek of Bellefonte, PA published in the Democratic Watchman dated 1 May 1931. The name Robert Meek of Hopewell, (a member of the militia in 1748) is mentioned in the History of Cumberland Co., PA (Chap. 5, page 33). A letter of administration was granted 20 May, 1777 in Cumberland Co., PA according to the article which has not been verified.

Note: Contrary to popular opinion it is NOT believed that this is the same person as Robert Meek born 1732 who married Elizabeth Alexander. His name first appeared in the 1783 tax list of Washington Co., PA. Note that Robert would have been 9 years old when George was born.

DNA tests from descendants of each indicated that they were not related. However, there is insufficient genealogical proof to connect to either man. Additional DNA tests are required to establish the existence of two separate early American Meek ancestors. However, the two descendants are definitely not related.
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  • 2. George Meek. was born in 1741 in MD. He died 10 Jan 1801 in Centre Co., Ferguson Twp., PA. His will was dated 23 Nov 1801 and probated 19 Jan 1802. He served in Revolutionary War, 5th Battalion, PA. 1778-1781. He came to centre County in 1784 on a surveying expidention. On 21 Jan 1790 he took up a 1,000 acre tract of land, some of which still belongs to his descendants (1962). He was listed in the 1790 census of Huntingdon Co., PA. He was listed in the 1800 census of Centre Co., PA.

    He married Rachel Herron. She was the daughter of David Herron based on his 18 Mar 1778 will where her husband is mentioned. Rachel and the children mentioned below were mentioned in George's will. Dates of birth for their children vary from one genealogy to the next.

    DNA implications: Conflicting DNA results have been reported. A single descendant of George’s son Robert and George’s son David have 37 or more Y-DNA markers. The results indicate that they do NOT share a common Meek ancestor. Additional descendants need to be tested to resolve this conflict.
    • 11. Mary Meek was born 28 Jan 1767 in Hopewell TWP, Cumberland Co., PA. She married Gabriel Steely.
    • 12. Robert Meek was born 1769 in Cumberland Co., PA. He died 2 Aug 1826. *DNA Kit#194858
    • 13. David Meek date of birth is uncertain and varies from one genealogy to the next. He was probably born in Cumberland Co., PA. He married Mary _____ based on deed records. *DNA Kit#310121
      Information from 1929 paper by Cora Beach - not verified
      In 1802 David Meek and wife Mary deed land in Centre Co., PA to Christian Pool. The deed was recorded in 1816.
      In 1807 David deeded land to Rachel Meek.
      On 17 Mar 1808 David deeded land to William Patton, The deed indicates David is a resident of Armstrong Co., PA.
      The 1810 census of Armstrong Co., PA lists David Meek age 26 to 44.
      There are multiple theories on what happened to David, some of which are not credible. Click here for one plausible hypothesis.
    • 14. William Meek was born 1773. He died 16 Apr 1806 in Huntingdon Co., PA.
    • 15. John Meek was born about 1775.
      In a Centre County deed dated 11 Feb 1807 John Meek deeds 100 acres to his mother, Rachel, which was
      "... devised to me by virtue of the last will of my father, George Meek, deceased."
    • 16. Isabella Meek was born about 1777 in Cumberland Co., PA. She married Abel Benton.
    • 17. Jane Meek was born in 1779 in Cumberland Co., PA. She died in 1859.
    • 18. Sarah Meek was born 1789 in Center Co., PA. She married Capt. Thomas Holt.

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