Samuel G. Meek

(1798- )

By Christopher A. Meek

1. Samuel G. Meek was born about 1798 in Virginia according to census records. He died in 1886 according to Marilla's obituary. He married Marilla Newton 28 Nov 1827 in Clemont Co., OH according to marriage records.. She was born about 1809 in Mass. She died 24 Aug 1892 in Birmingham, IA. Her father was Elijah Newton (1770-1873). Marilla’s obituary says that she married "Dr. Meek" at Goshen, Clermont Co., OH.

Samuel was reported in the 1830 census of Goshen TWP, Clermont Co., OH as Samuel G. Meek (2-0-1-0-0-1//0-0-0-1-1). In 1833 Samuel G. Meek, Barnabas M. Jackson, Cornelius Glass, along with other men made an addition of 99 lots to Goshen, OH, that is sometimes known as East Goshen. Samuel sold his land in Clermont County to Barnabas Jackson, husband of Jane Meek. Samuel was reported in the 1840 through 1880 censuses of Farmington TWP, Van Buren Co., IA. He was listed as a merchant from 1850 to 1880.

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The name Samuel Meek was not uncommon in Ohio during the period in question. The data available provides reasonable support to concluded that Samuel G. Meek of Clermont Co., OH. He was listed as “Samuel G. Meek” in the 1850 census of Van Buren Co., IA.

Genealogies by James Newton and David Jackson conclude that they were the same people. They also suggest that Samuels’ sisters were Jane Meek wife of Barnabas M. Jackson and Jemima Meek wife of William Hunter. In addition they suggest that the father was Moses Meek, son of Isaac Meek. However, there is no evidence to support this and there are discrepancies in these accounts.

Of particular interest is that fact that there were numerous families in Van Buren County who descended from Samuel and William, sons of Robert Meek born 1732. These families also migrated from Ohio about the same time that Samuel G. Meek came to Van Buren County. This author has been unable to connect Samuel G. Meek to these families. However, given the predominance of these families one has to wonder if there is was a connection.

Census Records

1840 IA Van Buren Co,
Sam G. Meek

1850 IA Van Buren Co. Farmington 2 Sep
84 86
Meek, Samuel G.		        M 53 VA  1797
Meariba			        F 40 VA
L. S. 				M 22 OH
Mesiz				M 19 OH
Lafayette			M 18 OH  1832
Meann				F 17 OH
Amanilla			F 12 OH
Samuel				M  5 IA     came to IA bet 1838 and 1840
Jane				F  3 IA
Clara				F  1 IA

Meek, Armailla + Nash, Thomas J. 9/2/1857

1860 IA Van Buren Farmington TWP
1480 1490
S. G. Meek			M 62 VA 1798
Marrilla			F 57 MA
Moses				M 18 OH
Samuel				M 14 IA
Jane A.				F 12 IA
Clara				F 10 IA
Lucia				F  8 IA

Lucia married John Therme 10/15/1875
Moses married Mary Hall 12/17/1864
Laura Maria married Gen James R. Tuttle 17 Aug 1853
Lafayette Meek married Caroline Dibble 18 Oct 1859 in Van Buren Co., IA
Fayette Meek born 9 Mar 1830 obituary 

1860 IA Van Buren Co.

Meek, Fayette			M 29 OH 1830
Caroline			F 20 NY
L. S. 				M 31 OH

1870 IA Van Buren Co.
S. G. Meek			M 72 VA
M				F 68 MA
Clara				F 20 IA
D				F 18 IA

1880 IA Van Buren Co., Farmington
234 241
S. G. Meek			M 65 M	OH PA PA
Marilla				F 70 M	NY
Moses son			M 51 S		OH
Clara dau			F 30 D		IA
233 240
John L. Theme			M 27
Lucia				F 26

1870 IA Polk Co., Des Moines

Lafayette F. Meek		M 40 OH 1830
Caroline			F 29 NY
Harper				M 10 IA
Alva				M  8 IA
Dale				M  3 IA

1880 IA Polk Co. Des Moines

Meek, Fayette 			M 48 OH VA ?       1831
Carolina			F 38 NY NY NY
Harper				M 18 IA 	buried 23 May 1888
Alva				M 16 IA 	buried 29 Apr 1939
Dale				M 14 IA 	buried