Nancy Meek

By Christopher A. Meek

115. Nancy Meek married Paul Hulse according to undocumented Meek genealogies. He was born in 1740 in Berkeley Co., VA. He was the son of Josiah Hulse and inherited land from his father in Berkeley County. A grandson said he married Miss Meakes. Hulse family records indicate her name was Eleanor.

Paul Hulse paid taxes for Elisha Meek in 1787 in Virginia.

Paul Husle migrated to Clark Co., KY in 1792.

Basil Meek paid the surety for the marriage of Thomas Huls and Elizabeth Davenport 7 Feb 1795 in Clark Co., KY. This was a son of Paul Hulse.

Basil Meek married Eleanor Roberts 18 Aug 1796 in Clark Co., KY.

Basil Meek moves to Pulaski Co., KY in 1798. Basel was closely associated with Nathanial Meek who came from Washington Co., PA.

Eleanor Hulse dies 15 Jan 1800 in Clark Co., KY.

Paul Hulse dies 1819 in Clark Co., KY.