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MEEK BOOK has been updated (Available 1 Dec 2008)

I have completed the 2nd edition of a book concerning the descendants of Basil Meek born 1740, Joshua Meek born 1731, John Meek born 1754 and Jacob Meek born 1755. These men resided in Maryland, Allegheny Co., PA, Henry Co., KY and points west. Also included is information on other ancestors who resided in Maryland and SW Pennsylvania in the 1700ís. The book also discusses the history of Meek genealogical research especially concerning Maryland ancestors.

The Meek/Meeks Family is a 250 page self published book that is only available from the author. It has a soft cover with spiral binding. The price is $25.00 plus $4.00 postage for a total of $29.00.

If you are interested E-mail me at OR

Chris Meek
2440 N. Scotch Ridge Rd.
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