UPDATED PAGE. When I started what I refer to as the main site, I did not dream that this project would expand the way that it has. I did not have a plan for adding information, it just happens. Unfortunately, I have not always provided a way for visitors to know that something has changed. Therefore, I started this page.

2/12/09 The web pages on descendants of Joseph Meek of Washington Co., VA (www.meekgenealogy.com/Group_E/E23_000.htm) have been updated significantly. I obtained a copy of The Meek Family of Washington County, Virginia, 1989, by Danny Fluhart. The book is out of print now but can be found in many libraries. This was a rather large family with many descendants that are spread through out the United States today.
10/05/08 I have been told that AOL will no longer provide web space for our use. I have wanted to move for a long time anyway. So, I am moving all files to meekgenealogy.com The index still does not work. But you should be able to find the files you want by going to the progenitor page and following the links. It will take time so be patient.
11/26/07 I am still here and still working on the site. I have started a long process of changing the code on all pages. I am also changing the extension from HTM to HTLM. If you have trouble navigating the site send me an E-mail.
1/24/07 Several genealogies have been moved to a different directory. If your favorite link does not work start from the clearinghouse page or contact me for help.
11/26/06 The Y-DNA project now has 53 members. We have identified the family of Basil Meek born 1740. At least we have identified his brothers John born 1754 and Jacob born 1755. Much work is being undertaken to identify early Irish ancestors. Finally, I have added a few small genealogies to the site.
8/19/06 The Y-DNA project continues to grow with 49 members. There has been expansion in the Irish group and have a new group descendant from William Meek born 1725. If you know a male named Meek with a genealogy we can trace please get in touch with me.
4/10/05 I continue to update the web site. It is noteworthy that I get very little E-mail and rarely get any new contribution. Maybe everyone has said everything there is to say.

The Y-DNA Project has been a great success. 24 members have joined the group and most test results are back. We plan to ask the host company to provide analysis in the near future. However, there are several apparent results already. We have discovered an unknown connection between the men in 1770 SW PA and the family of John Meeks of of Pitt Co., NC. In addition it appears that Jacob Meek born in 1765 who died in Henry Co., TN is also connected to the group in SW PA.

Most of you know about Adam Meek born in 1640 England and his son Jacob Meek. Many genealogies describe the 16 children of Jacob Meek. Several of his sons went to SW PA. The DNA project has confirmed that these genealogies about Adam Meek and his son Jacob Meek are wrong. The reported sons of Jacob Meek were definitely from two entirely separate Meek families. More information will be available later.

11/26/04 I cannot let the year 2004 get by without letting everyone out there know that despite the lack of updates I continue to be active. I continue to update web pages and I have spent considerable time on the Meek families who lived in SW PA in the 1700's.

Due to problems with AOL I have discontinued the guest book and message board. I will ry and get a new guest book back up before the first of the year. But please feel free to E-mail if you have a question.

I have also started a new but small web site for a Meek(s) Family DNA Project. See the menu for the address.
12/28/03 I have revised the menu on the Links page to focus more on my areas of interest. This remains the best way to enter the site. The index does not get updated very often so please check your family of interest. I have concentrated on the families from SW PA during the last year.
12/29/02 I have not left an update for a long time. However, I have made some corrections and updates. So, please check your favorite page. Feel free to contribute your own information. Remember that this a free totally non-commercial web site.
3/10/02 I have updated the Index. It is still not fully complete but is getting there. I am hopeful that the index will be helpful in making connections between different branches. If you find something that does not work, let me know.
1/19/02 I have reviewed the site on line and found many broken links and old addresses. If you have contributed to the site and changed the address of your E-mail or web-site you may want to review the page with your information. Please send me a new addresses or updated information.
12/16/01 Well, time went by fast and I have not update the update page since March. I have been updating pages as I get information. In fact many pages have been updated some with significant additions. So I advise checking those pages that you have an interest in. I have also added new families. Check Samuel Meek b: 1781 and John Meek b: 1800. They are under the Misc. Menu under Meek Families. I will do better next year in letting you know what changes I make.
1/3/01 I have added children for Joshua Meek born 1800, son of Joshua Meek born 1731. This and other information was provided by Shawn Thomas.
1/1/01 I have added children for William Meek born 10 Apr 1802. This is the Adam Meek line from Cecil Co., MD/York Co., SC.
8/26/00 Just a reminder, I only post major changes or additions here. During July and August I have made minor changes to 25 different pages. So, if you have a particular interest check the related pages periodically.
8/19/00 I have added a new page for John A. Meek, born 1820. He is a descendant of Samuel Meek, born 1732. The information was provided by Ella May Floren. Other changes were made in the direct line.
7/2/00 On July 2nd I started a new new message board/web site called MeekFamily. It has a narrow focus on my direct ancestor John Meek 1754-1803. If you have an interest in this area please join. General interest messages about the Meek family should be put on this web site.
6/19/00 I have updated the genealogy for John Meek - (1768-1826) son of John Meek my ancestor. The information was provided by Loretta Nixon.
6/10/00 I have added the genealogy for Thomas Meek - (1768-1826) -- Monongalia Co., VA. This is another traditional genealogy which can be found in many places. If you would like to add to this information, please contact me.
6/5/00 I have updated the genealogy for Jeremiah Meek and Betsy Blevins and their son, Squire. The information was kindly provided by Glynda Mae Campbell who has made other contributions to this site.
5/29/00 I have updated the genealogy for Joshua Meek born 1731. He lived in Washington Co., PA (later Allegheny County). He was mentioned many times in old county histories. If anyone has any information on this person, please contact me.
3/18/00 I have added a new link to the family of William Meek born 1811 by Patrick Osborne.
2/18/00 I have renamed some of the files and re-arranged the menu. I also added a "Misc Menu" for small files. If you have book marked a page which you cannot find, go to the List of Families on the Clearinghouse Page.
2/10/00 I have added a small genealogy for Isaac Meek born 1790. He was born in Virginia and resided in Harrison, Co., IN in 1850.
2/6/00 I have added a small genealogy for Richard Meek born 1801. This family came from West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois and points West.
1/15/00 I have added a small genealogy for Jeremiah V. Meek born 1818. Data was submitted by Anna L. Martin. This family resided in Grundy Co., Missouri.

Older entries have been removed.

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