Jonathan Meek


By Christopher A. Meek

27. Jonathan Meek was born about 1798 in Henry Co., KY according to census records. His name is listed in his fathers probate record. He appears in the Henry County census between 1820 and 1850. Deed records provide the names of his father and wife. He moved with some of his brothers to Clay Co., IL. He died 28 Nov 1853 in Clay County according to cemetery records. His will is dated 25 Nov 1853 and lists his children.

He willed two parcels of land which were located in Oskalossa Twp, West central Clay County to his son, Jonathan, Neither parcel was owned by a Meek in 1881. Another parcel in nearby Marion County was willed to William. Apparently Squire and John had already been given their land. Squire and John both lived in Louisville Twp. in the 1860 census. None of them are in the 1770 census.

He married Catharine Newhouse on 1 May 1820 in Henry Co., KY according to marriage records. She was born about 1801 in Kentucky. Catherine and son, Jonathan, are listed in the 1860 census of Clay County. She moved to Arkansas with her daughter Lavinia. She died 21 may 1881 and is buried in Mansfield, AR.

Cemetery records give Jonathan's age as 58 yrs, 24 days.

Nancy Meek daughter of Jonathan Meek

Previous version of this page indicated that Nancy Meek, wife of Willis Henderson, was a daughter of Jonathan Meek. However, additional information would tend to refute that. Nancy was likely a daughter of Jesse Meek born 1780. Census records tend to indicate that Jonathan only had the daughters mentioned in his will.