Bazil Meek


By Christopher A. Meek

2. Bazil Meek was born about 1774. He came, with his parents, to Shelby Co., Kentucky in 1788 and settled on Drennon Lick Creek in what is now Henry County. He is mentioned in John Meek’s will. Basil appears in the 1800 census of Henry County. He received 100 acres on Drennon Creek according to a deed record dated 15 Nov 1800. This is likely the partition of his father’s original farm. He sold that land 10 Jan 1807. On 10 May 1810 he purchased 140 acres, again on Drennon Creek, and sold that land on 23 Aug 1815. Deed records indicate that on 24 Jun 1818 he received 100 acres from a son named Jeremiah.

He is listed as Bazil Jr. in the 1810 census and the 1820 census of Henry Co., KY. He can be distinguished from the other Bazel by the size of land in the tax records. He paid taxes on this land through 1829. He does not appear in the 1830 census of Henry County. It is believed that he moved to Hancock Co., IN in 1828 or 1829 and appeared in the 1830 census of that county listed as Bazel Meek Sn. A land grant signed by President John Q. Adams date 3 March 1828 refers to Basil Meek of Henry Co., IN. The land is described as the E 1/2, SE 1/4, Sec 32, T 16N, R 8E.

He died in Hancock County after the 1830 census was taken. The first probate record was dated 19 Oct 1830. His children are identified in various probate record from Hancock County dated 15 May 1838. and a related deed record from Henry Co., KY dated 13 Jul 1836 Both records contain the same list of heirs.

His wife's name is mentioned in deed records. Elizabeth _______ was born between 1770 and 1775 according to census records. She appears to be listed in the 1830 census with Bazil. However, she is not mentioned in probate records which might suggest that she died about the same time as Bazil. The marriage application for their son Joseph gives his mother name as Elizabeth Straunson. It is not clear if this name is correct as no record for Straunson can be found.
Bazil Meek and Elizabeth had the following children: