Bazil Meek


By Christopher A. Meek

34. Joseph Meek was born about 1817 in Henry Co., KY. He connected to his parent through his marriage application to Abby Shrogh. He married Serena Stewart (daughter of John Stuart and Mary "Polly" Rawlings) on 31 Dec 1840 in Henry Co., KY. She was born about 1818 in Henry Co., KY. They are listed in 1850 in Henry Co., KY.

They were listed in the 1860 and 1870 censuses for White Co., IN. They were listed 1880 census of Tippecanoe Co., IN.
Joseph Meek and Serena Stewart had the following children:

He married (2) Abby Shrogh on 28 Sep 1885 in White Co., IN. At the time of their marriage she was the widow of ______ Metheny. The marriage application says she was 67 years old and was born in Ohio. The 1920 census indicates that she was born July 1819 in Virginia. Abby was the daughter of Adam Shrough and Jane Davis. In the 1900 census Joseph was born July 1816 age 83. He had been married to Abigail for 14 years.

Joseph was listed in the 1900 as the father-in-law of Gus Marlett whose wife was named Nancy, born Mar 1843 OH. They had been married 34 years. Nancy was not listed as a daughter of Joseph in the 1850 census. In addition, Joseph's place of birth was listed as Virginia and his parents were both born in Scotland. This does not match known information.

1850 KY Henry Co. 

Meek, 	Joe		33 M	KY
	Serina		30 F	KY
	Amelia		 9 F	KY
	Rebecca		 7 F	KY
	John A.		 5 M	KY
	Jo Ann		 3 F	KY
	George		 1 M	KY

1860 IN White Co. Prairie TWP

Meek,	Joseph		43 M	KY
	Serren		44 F	KY
	Amelai		19 F	KY
	John A.		14 M	KY
	Jo A.		13 F	KY
	George D.	11 M	KY
	Ton Price	 9 M	KY
	Mary E.	 	 3 F	KY
	William B	 3 F	IN

Stewart, Russell	47 M	KY
	Franklin	23 M	KY
	Allen		17 M	KY
	Lucy		15 F	IN
	Sarah E.	18 F	KY

1870 IN White Co. Prairie TWP
122 120
Meek,	Joseph		51 M	KY
	Serana		50 F	KY
	Thomas		18 M	KY
	Mary E.		16 F	IN
	William		13 M	IN
	Joseph		 7 M 	IN
126 124
Stewart, Franklin	33 M
	Joannah		23 F
	Lucy		 4 F
	Howard		 2 M
	Elizabeth	6/12
Meek,	George D.	20 M	KY

233 231
Stewart, Russell	57 M
Smith, Nancy		54 F
Stewart, John R		23 M

323 323
Meek,	Daniel		27 M 	IN
	Emma		26 F 	Maine
	Alton		 4 M 	IN

347 347
Meek,	Samuel		22 M 	IN
Living with DD Archibald

360 361
Meek, John		25 M	KY

1880 IN Tippecanoe Co., Tippecanoe TWP

Meek,	Joseph		62 M 	KY PA PA
	Sarma E.	62 F	IN IN IN 
	George		31 M 	KY
	Thomas		28 M	KY
	William		23 M	KY
	Elvessa		 5 F	KY G Dau
Stewart, Mary		18 F	   G Dau

1880 IN White Co. Prairie TWP

Stewart, Russell	67 M
	Amelia		40 F
Reynolds, Schuyler	15 M
	Anna		13 F
	Elda A.		12 F
	James E		 9 M

Stewart, Mary		46 F
	Hiram M		26 M son
	Chas		23 M son
	Wm Riley	19 M son
	Joseph		17 M son
	James		15 M son
	Lucy		12 F dau
	Roda E.		28 F wife of Hiram

The following person has been included in the family of Joseph Meek. However, Daniel was not listed with Joseph in the 1850 census or any other census. While he did live in Prairie Township in 1870, age 27, there is little to tie him to Joseph. In 1860 there was also living in Prairie Twonship a Richard Meek age 42 and Samuel Meek age 49. Samuel had a son Daniel age 17. Samuel was also listed in the 1880 census. Thus it seems unlikely that Damiel was a son of Joseph.

66. Daniel S. Meek was born about 1843 in Indiana. He died 7 Apr 1889 in White Co., IN. He married Emma J. Eastman 1873. She was born 15 Sep 1843. She died 31 Oct 1919 in White County. They are reported in the 1880 census of Prairie TWP, White Co., IN.

172. Alton M. Meek born Jul 1865 in White Co., IN. He died 2 Apr 1942 in Tippecanoe Co., IN. He married Mary Ann Lewis about Jul 1865 in White Co., IN. She was born Sep 1864. They were reported in the 1900 census of Prairie TWP, White Co., IN. They were reported in the 1920 census of Wabash TWP, Tippecanoe Co., IN.
A. Deforrest Meek was born 25 May 1889 in White Co., IN. He died Sep 1976 in Tippecanoe Co., IN. He married Ruby ______. She was born about 1892. She died Jul 1974. They were reported in the 1920 census of Broodstonh TWP, White Co., IN.
B. Iva E. Meek was born 6 Feb 1893 in White Co., IN. He married Robert C. Christian 3 Jul 1923.
173. Lowell Meek born about 1874 in White Co., IN. He may be the person listed in the 1920 census of Hudson TWP, Lanewee Co., MI married to Florida, age 40.
174. Daniel L. Meek born about 1879. Married Mary Mansfield 4 Feb 1903, White Co. She was born about 1885.
A. Agnes Meek was born about 1907 in White Co., IN.