Jacob Meek


By Christopher A. Meek

33. Jacob Meek was born between 1815 and 1820 in Henry Co., KY. He paid taxes from 1833 to 1842. He appears in the 1840 census for Henry Co., KY. In addition to him, wife and two children, there was an older female born between 1790 and 1800. He moved to Clay Co., IL and appears in the 1850 census for that County. His brothers Jonathan, Barlow and possibly others also resided there. He died 4 Aug 1860 in Clay County. Probate records list his children.

He married (1) Charlotte Clark on 27 Oct 1831 in Henry Co., KY, according to marriage records. She was born between 1800 and 1810. She died before 1847.

He married (2) Rachel Jones on 14 Jun 1847 in Oldham Co., KY. She was born 29 Oct 1830 in Henry Co., KY. She was the daughter of Samuel Jones and Lucinda Malin. She married (2) Thomas Strocker in 11 Jan 1866 in Henry Co., KY. They are listed in the 1870 census of Henry Co., KY with her father's family and all of her children by Jacob Meek. She married (3) E. Francis Baker 14 Oct 1875 in Henry County. She died 5 Nov 1886 in Henry County.

Note: It is known that Bazil Meek had a son named Jacob from his probate record. There was a Jacob in the 1840 Henry county census of the appropriate age as well as marriage abstract with the name of Jacob Meek. However, none of the documents make a direct connection Jacob and Bazil. The connection to Jacob in 1850 Clay Co., IL is based on the premise that Jacob in 1840 Henry County census is the son of Bazil and traveled to Clay county with his brothers. Jaob's probate records confirm that this Jacob was the same person in the marriage and census records. All children are listed except Mary. Given the extensive information available about other Meek families in Henry County it is reasonable to conclude through the process of elimination that Jacob was the son of Bazil.