The Meek Family

Structure of DNA Group B

Group B is a large complex group. It is divided into two major subgroups by DNA analysis. It is impossible to know for sure but the two subgroups appear to have split, in terms of DNA, before the year 1500. Since they carry the same surname it is assumed that the split came after the introduction of surnames in England in the 1200ís. The two subgroups will be treated separately and have been given arbitrary names of Group B1 and Group B3. This article discusses the structure of the Meek(s) families identified as Group B in the Meek/Meeks DNA project. See the article The Group B Introduction for more details.

Group B is the largest group in the DNA project and represents ten known Revolutionary era ancestors born before 1800 as well as a number of more recent ancestors who have not been connected further back in time. The list of early ancestors resembles a portion of the list of men named in the 1902 book by H. B. Meek as sons of Jacob Meek born 1698 in Lincolnshire, England. This story was expanded by Carleton Meek in his 1962 book. However, other researchers, notably Joseph L. Meek, claimed that the same set of sons belonged to Jacob Meek born 1717 the son of Guy Meek. This conflict has been resolved to a certain degree. The DNA project has proven that the total list of sons came from at least three unrelated Meek family. Therefore there is no reliable source as to how the Group B ancestors were related or who their father(s) may have been. There is no reliable information on where they came from. Readers should be very cautious with any source that claims to know this information. See the article The Progenitor Myth.

Subgroup B1b includes John Roberts born about 1776 in Maryland. New Group 4 includes men with the surname Thomas from North Carolina.

Following are the ancestors born before 1800 identified in Group B. See the main menu for all genealogies related to this group.

Group B1
Subgroup B1b
Washington Co., PA 1774-1800
Samuel Meek b: 1732
Isaac Meek b: 1746
Nathaniel Meek
Basil Meek b: 1763
Elisha Meek b: 1765 (not listed by H. B. Meek)
Tennessee/Arkansas 1800>
Jeremiah Meek b: 1771 to 1779
Jacob Meek b: 1764 (Not DNA tested)

Subgroup B1c
Slightly different DNA
Jacob Meek b: 1760
Born after 1800
John T. Meek b: >1800
Jeremiah Meek b: 1806 (Not DNA tested)
Wesley W. Meek b: 1812

Subgroup B1a Maryland2
Born after 1800
William Meeks b: 1808
John W. Meeks b: 1815
William Meek b: 1824

Group B2
Edward Meeks - (1680-1768)
New York, NY
Group B3
Subgroup B3b
Pitt Co., NC
John Meeks b: 1700
John Meeks b: 1817

West Virginia
Thomas Meeks b: 1768

Subgroup B3a Maryland3
George B. Meeks b: 1785
William Meeks b: 1810

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