Meek Family of Tennessee and Arkansas

By Christopher A. Meek

It is believed that Jacob and Jeremiah came from Blount Co., TN. This based on census records indicating that their children were born in Tennessee as well as the migration of other Blount County families to Carroll Co., AR such as Blevins and Roberts An older person named Jeremiah Meek obtained a land grant in East Tennessee in 1787. He sold that land in 1796 while a resident of Blount County. A person named Jeremiah Meek married Betsy Blevins in Blount County in 8 Feb 1802. A person named Jacob Meek signed a marriage bond for John Roberts and Rachelle Robinette on 12 Sep 1796.

Jacob may be the person in the 1830 census of Cape Girardeax Co., MO. He is listed on the same page as Isham, Richard and Squire Blevins as well as John and Aaron Roberts.

The only other evidence of a Meek family in Tennessee with the names Jacob and Jeremiah involves the well documented family of Jacob Meek born 1760 who died in Henry Co., TN in 1823. He also had sons named Jacob and Jeremiah. This Jeremiah also married a woman named Elizabeth and migrated to Carroll Co., AR causing much confusion for genealogists.

The similar migration pattern may not be a coincidence as DNA testing has prove that the two men named Jeremiah Meek in Carroll Co., AR shared a common ancestor. It is unclear how closely related they were or if they knew each other prior to arriving in Carroll County. There is no genealogical evidence that would connect them to the same family.

Jacob and Jeremiah appear in the 1831 tax list of Izard Co., AR and settled in what became White TWP, Carroll County.

Goodspeeds NW AR, Carroll Co. Page 335:
"1832 on Long Creek below Carrollton. There were then living in the vicinity of Carrollton, Martin Standridge, his father, "Shot-Gun" Jerry Meeks and his brother, "Blue" Jacob Meeks, "Black Squire Blevins, Richard Blevins, Sam Blevins & others of Cherokee & English descent, whose society was not appreciated by their neighbors. They were from Georgia and had not been living in this county many years prior to 1832."

Note: While some members of the larger group may have been from Georgia, there is no evidence that the Meeks were from Georgia.

1834 tax records confirm that men named Jeremiah and Jacob Meek were in Carroll County during this time. Jacob Meek is listed in the 1840 census of Carroll County at age 70. Jeremiah is probably the male age 60-70 listed with John Meek. Several sons of both men were recorded in Carroll County.

Some of the information presented here may not be verified. Use caution! There is no proof who their sons were.

  • 2. Jacob Meek was born about 1764. Resided: Carroll Co., AR and Navarro Co., TX
  • 3. Jeremiah Meek was born between 1771 and 1780. Resided: Carroll Co., AR and Milam Co., TX

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