William Meek

By Christopher A. Meek

4. William Meek was born in 1755. His will was dated 2 Sep 1820 and probated on 10 Apr 1821. He died on 9 Sep 1820 in Washington Co., PA. His will list his children

He married Margaret Thomas about 1790. She was born in 1756 in Washington Co., PA. She died after 1825 in Belmont Co., OH. She was the daughter of Samuel & Rachel Thomas.

Caution: The following may contain incorrect information about the children of George and Henry.

  • 21. George Meek was born on 18 Oct 1794 in Washington Co., PA.
  • 22. Henry J. Meek was born about 1796 in Washington Co., PA. *DNA kit# 82503
  • 23. Fanny Meek She married Richard Liams.
  • 24. Sarah Meek She married Robert McMaster.

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