Samuel Meek


By Christopher A. Meek.

1. Samuel Meek was born about 1732 (source unknown). He resided in Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA in Mar 1781 according to the tax list. He is also listed in the 1783 tax list and the 1790 census for this area. He received a land grant for land named Snake Den on 27 Jan 1785. The patent was dated 31 Mar 1788. Subsequent deed records indicate that this land adjoined that of John Meek. Samuel's wife Charity is mentioned.

Samuel served in the American Revolution as a Private in the Continental Line of Washington Co, PA Militia. (Vo. 2, p. 56 5th Series Penn Archives. Vol 4, p. 413 & 712, 5th Series Penn Archives. Note: Positive identification cannot be made from this source.)

He signed a will on 27 Feb 1793 in Washington Co., PA. He died on 12 Feb 1799 in Washington Co., PA. His estate was probated on 13 Mar 1799. His wife and children are mentioned in his will.

He married Charity _______. She signed a will on 6 Feb 1803 in Washington Co., PA. She died on 10 Feb 1803 in Washington Co. Her estate was probated on 21 Mar 1803. Many histories give her maiden name as Boyd. The will of Thomas Meek dated 29 Oct 1776 in Washington Co., MARYLAND list witnesses William Boyd Jr., Charity Boyd and Benjamin Boyd. DNA tests prove that Samuel Meek and Thomas Meek were NOT related. Even if they were, it is unlikely that Samuel's wife would have been referred to as Charity Boyd in 1776 as she had been married to Samuel for many years.
Samuel Meek and Charity had the following children:

  • 2. John Meek was born in 1751.
  • 3. Samuel Meek was born on 1 Feb 1752 in Washington Co., PA. He died on 16 Feb 1843.
  • 4. William Meek was born in 1755. *DNA kit#82503
  • 5. Richard Meek was born in 1757 in Washington Co., PA. He died in 1815. He married Nancy Cheney.
    • 26. David Meek was born on 15 Aug 1794 in Pennsylvania. *DNA kit#17063
      Connection to parents is highly speculative.
  • 6. Mary Meek was born in 1759. Spouse may be Joseph Beedle. He was born about 1749. They moved to Warren Co., OH and then Miami Co., OH. Later in life they moved to Wingate, IN. They are buried in the Beedle/Riffle Cemetery in Fountain Co., IN.
  • 7. Elizabeth Meek was born in 1761. Spouse may be John Hardesty.
  • 8. Jacob Meek was born in 1762. He was appointed executor of his father's will in 1793.

The information presented here is based on traditional genealogies and supplemented with deed, census and other records. Unless a will or similar document is cited, the connections presented here can only be considered speculation.

Samuel Meek was one of several men named Meek(s) who came to SW Pennsylvania as early as 1769. His family settled in modern day Washington Co., PA. By 1810 many in the family appear to have migrated to Ohio.

It is important to remember that the records are incomplete and all of the people listed here cannot be accounted for in the available records. In addition, there are names in the records that do appear in traditional genealogies. There were several other families in SW Pennsylvania that are not well documented and the families of each may well be mixed up or confused with that of Samuel's.

Other Men named Meek(s) that are listed in census and deed records for Washington County about 1800 are Peter of Nottingham TWP, Isaac of Arwell TWP (1810), Basil of W. Bethlehem TWP, Robert of Ohio Co., VA (1786-1791 deed) and Adam of Somerset TWP. Also, in near by Greene Co., PA there was Elisha and John Meek. Some of these men were likely related to the extended Samuel Meek family.

Disclaimer: This genealogy was prepared by the author using undocumented and/or unverified sources. Some facts presented here MAY NOT be correct. Never accept as factual any information you find in a library, the Internet or from other genealogist unless it is supported by documentation. Documentation DOES NOT include the undocumented genealogies of other people including those on this web site.