Isaac Meek


By Christopher A. Meek.

G10. Isaac Meek was born 14 Jan 1746 according to family tradition. Census records support this date. He died on 12 Dec 1840 in Jefferson Co., OH . He was buried on Joshua Meek's farm formerly belonging to Isaac Meek.(source family tradition).

Isaac Meek buys 50 acres on Buffalo Creek from Derrick Hoagland in 5 Jun 1775, Deed Book 1 p13 . Lt. Isaac Meek served in the Virginia Militia in 1781 serving at Ft. Pitt and Ft. Henry. A person named Isaac Meek recieved a land grant 10 Nov 1785 in Ohio Co., VA. This land adjoined Silas Hedges. Silas Hedges was listed in the 1810 census of Brooke Co., VA. Living next to him was Jacob Meek, age 16 to 26. James Meek, age 26 to 45 was near by. This land is east of the Ohio River in modern day West Virginia, just a few miles from Washington Co., PA. By 1820 Silas Hedges, Jr. was in Harrison Co., OH.

Isaac Meek purchased 680 acres in Jefferson Co., Ohio on 5 Dec 1798. settled on Short Creek near the town of Mount Pleasant. He is listed in the 1806-09 tax records of Smithfield TWP, Jefferson Co., OH. He was reported in the 1820-1840 census of Smithfield TWP, Jefferson Co., OH. Living in the vicinity was Joshua Meek and Isaac Meek, Jr. throughout this time period.

It is noted that there were other men named Isaac Meek living in the same area as our subject. Some records attributed to this Isaac Meek may belong to another person. There was a person named Isaac Meek reported in the 1810 census of Armwell TWP, Washington Co., PA over the age of 45. A person named Isaac Meek was reported in the records of SW Pennsylvania as early as 1773 in the area of modern day Fayette County. There may well have been two men named Isaac Meek that were approximately the same age and who live in close proximity to each other. In addition, there was an Isaac Meek who purchased land in Harrison Co., WV in 1778.

He married Mary Robinson 1770 Ohio Co., VA according to traditional genealogies.
Note: Much of the information contained here is undocumented. Sources include family genealogists including J. W. Meek and Dwight Freeburn. There is no evidence known to this author to prove which Isaac Meek settled in Jefferson Co., OH or who his father might have been.

He married Rachel Hedges 31 Jan 1792. She was the daughter of Joseph Hedges and Margaret Van Meter.

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