Thomas Meek


By Christopher A. Meek

31. Thomas Meek was born about 1708. He died about 1776 in Washington Co., MD. He signed a will on 29 Oct 1776 in Washington Co., MD. The will was recorded 13 Sep 1778. There is some reason to believe that his father lived in the United States. In his will it is stated “As also Fifty acres of land called Pleasant Hill which was purchased out of my Fathers Effects he leaving no Will, neither did any person administer lawfully thereon...” He owned several parcels of land in Washington Co., MD including Meek Ingenuity (1745), Meek's Folly (1744), Mullin's Delight (5 Feb 1752) and 146 acres of the Forrest of Needwood. He also owned 350 acres of land on a Cedar Creek a branch of the Holston River in Washington Co., VA.

DNA Implications:

A descendant of John Meek has taken a Y-DNA test which shows that John Meek was related to several other early ancestors known as Group C in the DNA project. As of January 1, 2012 16 men have taken the Y-DNA 37 marker test. They represent an unknown number of American ancestors and one ancestor in Ireland whose family did not migrate to America. There are no connecting paper trails with the exception of four men who descend from two sons of Thomas Meek born 1708 who married Ann and who lived in Washington Co., MD.

The results for the four descendants of Thomas Meek allow for the establishment of an ancestral hyplotype (37 STR markers) for Thomas Meek. That ancestral hyplotype is essentially the same as if it were calculated for all 16 men in this group. The conclusion is that these 16 men shared a common Meek ancestor. Who that ancestor was or when he lived is not revealed by DNA.

The 16 men who took the DNA test are designated Group C in the Meek/Meeks DNA Project. One man in the group also had a test on Y-DNA SNP markers. The terminal SNP to date is R-L21. However not all downstream SNPs have been tested. The downstream SNPs M222 and L159.2 were negative. L21 is a common SNP carried by men in England, Scotland and Ireland.

Thomas Meek married Ann __________. She was born about 1725. She moved to Abington, Washington Co. VA with some of her sons. Thomas' will named his children. DNA tests on descendants prove conclusively that this Meek family was not related to another Meek family in Washington Co., VA founded by Joseph Meek born about 1744.

  • 71. William Meek was born about 1749. He inherited 50 acres of "Pleasant Hill" from father.
  • 72. Jane Meek was born about 1751.
  • 73. Rebeccah Meek was born about 1753. She married William Long.
  • 74. Margaret Meek was born about 1755. She married Christopher Elms. They resided in Logan Co., KY.
  • 75. Thomas Meek was born in 1756 in Hagerstown, MD. - DNA kit #33333, #117002, #132971
  • 76. David Meek was born about 1758. He owned "Meek Ingenuity" which he purchased 200 acres from Samuel Meek. This was located on both sided of the Maryland and Pennsylvania border.
  • 77. Samuel Meek was born in 1760 in Frederick Co., MD. - DNA kit #88463
  • 78. Alexander Meek was born on 14 Dec 1764 in Washington Co., MD.
  • 79. Isaac Meek was born about 1766. He inherited 350 acres in Virginia on Cedar Creek a branch of the Holston River. He is probably the person who married Sally Green 30 Nov 1804 in Logan Co., KY.

Thomas Meek has traditionally been thought to have been a son of Guy Meek and Dorothy Cubby. However, there is no proof of this. It is mentioned in the will of Thomas that his father died without a will. Thomas does not appear in Parish records with other children of Guy Meek. Thomas did buy land in the vicinity of Jacob Meek, son of Guy Meek. However, many researcher now believe that Thomas was not a son of Guy Meek.