John Meek

(1707- )

By Christopher A. Meek

30. John Meek was born about 1707 (source unknown). He was not listed in Maryland parish records and his connection to Guy Meek is questionable.
Augusta Co., VA court records first mention John Meek along with Thomas Meek in an attachment to a petetion for a road by the in habitants of Little River in Calf Pasture dated 6 Aug 1750. Researchers have been unable to find any records of land owned by John Meek. On 18 Feb 1761 William Guy posted a bond as administrator of the estate of John Meeks (Chalkley Vol III, p.61). A subsequent enter dated 15 April 1761 lists the personal property including a box of shoemakers tools.

DNA Implications:

A descendant of John Meek has taken a Y-DNA test which shows that John Meek was related to several other early Meek ancestors known as Group C in the DNA Project. As of January 1, 2012 16 men have taken the Y-DNA 37 marker test. They represent an unknown number of American ancestors and one ancestor in Ireland whose family did not migrate to America. There are no connecting paper trails with the exception of four men who descend from two sons of Thomas Meek born 1707 who married Ann and who lived in Washington Co., MD.

The results for the four descendants of Thomas Meek allow for the establishment of an ancestral hyplotype (37 STR markers) for Thomas Meek. That ancestral hyplotype is essentially the same as if it were calculated for all 16 men in this group. The conclusion is that these 16 men shared a common Meek ancestor. Who that ancestor was or when he lived is not revealed by DNA.

Although there is only one proven descendant John Meek born 1707 who has undergone DNA testing there is one other likely descendant. John Meek born 1707 and Thomas Meek born 1708 were related. However, there is no evidence that they were brothers and DNA and DNA does not prove that they were even closely related.

The 16 men who took the DNA test are designated Group C in the Meek/Meeks DNA Project. One man in the group also had a test on Y-DNA SNP markers. The terminal SNP to date is R-L21. However not all downstream SNPs have been tested. The downstream SNPs M222 and L159.2 were negative. L21 is a common SNP carried by men in England, Scotland and Ireland.

Some of John's children are mentioned in court records concerning the gaudianship of the minor children. See Lyman Chalkley's Cronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia.

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Some Information provided by Jere S. Meek.
Some research by E. Jane Sherman
Augusta Co., VA Court records

August 18, 1761 Thomas Meek appointed guardian of Wm. Meek, orphan of John Meek.
February 16, 1762 Ordered that the following orphans be bound: William Meek to William Warwick, Mary Meek to Andrew Settleton, Martha Meek to James Walker, James Meek to William Wilson, Jane Meek to Moses Moore.
August 22, 1770 Wm. Sharpe appointed guardian of Jane Meek, orphan of John Meek
May 1773 Thomas Meek vs. Michael Reiny.--Debt. Mary Sharp was daughter of John Meek and sister of plaintiff. Her deposition taken 1772; also Wm.Meek was plaintiff's brother.
December 17, 1793 Dower to be laid off for Agnes, widow of Thomas Meek, deceased.
September 16, 1794 Admn. of estate of Agnes Meek granted to Daniel Meek.

On May 20, 1760, Thomas Meek gave a deed of Lease and Release to James Risk (Augusta Co., VA, Deed Book 8, pages 304-305).

On June 1794, Samuel Meek and Agnes Meek (widow of Thomas Meek) gave a Bargain and Sale deed to Edmund Welsh. (Augusta Co., VA, Deed Book 27, page 39).

On June 6, 1797 Samuel Meek and Elizabeth, his wife, deeded 147 acres located on the north side of Little Calf Pasture River, to James Peery, part of a survey of 310 acres that was devised to Samuel Meek from the Will of Thomas Meek. (Augusta Co., VA, Deed Book 29, page 153) On December 20, 1798 there was a Certificate that Elizabeth Meek was privately examined on this deed to James Peery. (Augusta Co., VA, Deed Book 30, page 191).

On September 28, 1801 there is an Augusta Co., VA record that John Phillips, guardian of Thomas Meek, son of Samuel Meek, absconded. (Chalkley Records, Vol. II, page 388).

On June 6, 1797 Samuel Meek and Elizabeth, his wife, deeded 190 acres located on both sides of Little Calf Pasture River, to William Morrison, part of a survey of 310 acres that was devised to Samuel Meek from the Will of Thomas Meek. (Augusta Co., VA, Deed Book 29, page 155) On May 10, 1802, there was a Certificate that Elizabeth Meek was examined separate from her husband regarding this deed to Morrison. Recorded January 26, 1803.

The bible record of Hezekiah Meek, son of Samuel Meek who married Elizabeth Allen, daughter of Robert Allen, Sr., and Martha __?__, says "Samuel Meek was born the 17 day of August in the year of 1763." Their children's birth dates are also listed in the bible.