Meek Families

of New York and New England

By Christopher A. Meek

The first documented event concerning a person named Meek(s) was the York Co., VA will of Robert Meeke probated 1 Dec 1647. Guy Meeke was documented in Maryland on 29 Dec 1662. The first dated event concerning men named Meek(s) in the area of New York and New England occurred in 1680. Other than those mentioned below there is little evidence of Meek(s) families in New York and New England prior to the Revolutionary War.


Moses Meek was born 03 Aug 1707 in Marblehead, Essex Co., MA to Richard & Mary Meek.

Source: Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988.
Also recorded was Margaret Meek born 27 May 1706 to Leonard and Christian Meek.

He married Alice Homan 23 Dec 1728 in Marblehead, Essex Co., MA. Reference to Moses is readily available in biographical indexes of early Americans which indicate he had a daughter, Alice, who married Peter LaFrance which is also documented. Useful genealogical information is difficult to find.

New York

Edward Meeks was supposedly born about 1665 in England (source unknown). He died Aug 1689 in Spuyten Duyvil, NY. He married Sarah Merrett.

Edward Meeks was granted a license to sell wine and other liquors in New York City on 14 May 1680, according to the Minutes of the Common Council of the city of New York 1675-1775, vol 1, page 81.

Edward Meeks was born 10 May 1680. He died about 1768 in New York. He married Maria Kortwright 1 Jun 1708 in New York. Edward was supposedly the father of Joseph Meeks was born 31 Dec 1710 in New York. He died 6 Oct 1782 in New York. He married Sarah Reade. Edward was supposedly the grandfather of John Meeks was born 18 Aug 1739. He died 17 Feb 1817 in New York. He married Susanne de Moulinars 1 May 1767 in New York. John is documented in New York military records as being a Captain under Colonel William Malcolm during the Revolution. Johnís son Joseph Meeks was born 5 Sep 1771 in New York City. He died 21 Jul 1868 in New York City. He married Sarah Clark Van Dyke 27 Jul 1800 in New Jersey. He was a famous furniture maker in New York City and was very wealthy for his time.

John Meeks was supposedly born about 1730 in Tarrytown, Westchester Co., NY

The name John Meeks was listed in the 1790 census of Philipstown, Dutchess Co., NY.

He eventually lived in Putnam Co., NY. (Putnam County was formed from Dutchess County in 1812.) His descendants migrated throughout New York and Canada.

These three men and their families are poorly documented and it is not known what, if any, connection existed between them. Genealogical information has not been readily available until recent times. Between them they produced a large number of descendants.

Y-DNA A single descendant for both John Meeks and Edward Meeks has taken Y-DNA tests. The results indicate that the two lines are NOT related. However a single test for any given line is subject to a number of difficulties. The descendant of Edward Meeks appears to be related to Group B in the Meek DNA Project. The descendants of John Meeks does not match any group or individual named Meek or Meeks.

Disclaimer: This genealogy was prepared by the author using undocumented and/or unverified sources. Some facts presented here MAY NOT be correct. Never accept as factual any information you find in a library, the Internet or from other genealogist unless it is supported by documentation. Documentation DOES NOT include the undocumented genealogies of other people including those on this web site.