Guy Meek

By Christopher A. Meek

1. Guy Meek was in Maryland before 1662. The records show that Guy Meeke died intestate. His estate was probated 28 Mar 1682.

In "The Early Settlers of Maryland" by Dr. Morris L. Radoff 1986 there are several people named Meek mentioned including:

Meeke, Guy transported 1666
This is a land transaction and does not represent his first appearance in Maryland.

Records in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, show that Guy Meeke was in Anne Arundel Co., MD prior to December 1662. The records show that "on 29 Dec 1662 a certain Guy Meeke demanded 50 Acres of land from the Lord's Propriety, and a land warrant was issued accordingly". The records concerning Guy Meek are largely land records. We learn very little about him other than he accumulated large land holdings. He is connected to his son John, based on the fact that John later owned the land held by Guy and passed it on to his sons.

The Calvert Rent Rolls, describe several transactions on the south side of the Severn River including:

"Solmon Hill" 50 acres 26 Oct 1663 (50 acres to Hugh Howard)
"Rose" 136 acres 16 Jan 1668
"Guy's Rest" 100 acres, surveyed June 14, 1669, for Guy Meeke on "ye south side of the Severn River. Possr: John Meek".
"Guy's Will" 100 acres 28 Jun 1671
"Meek's Rest" 210 acres 1 Oct 1681
"Weston" 130 acres 1 Oct 1681

Guy's wife Rachel ______was appointed administrator of his estate on 28 Mar 1682. The following list of children is totally speculative except for John who inherited land from his father. The oldest son was the only one to inherit from the father at that time. However, other sons were frequently provided for as they came of age. With the exception of John the following list of children is questionable and has not been proven. However, Guy almost certainly had more than one son.

DNA project update: Most Meek families living in the United States prior to the Revolution have been identified by DNA tests on their descendants. A proven male descendant of Guy Meek has not been identified. It is believed that finding such a person will be difficult. However, it is possible that one of the existing members of the DNA project is a descendant and is unaware of his family connection. Until a proven connection is found it will not be known if Guy Meek was related to other Meek ancestors in the United States.

  • 2. John Meek was born in 1649 in Anne Arundel Co., MD.
  • 3. Joseph Meek
  • 4. Isaac Meek
  • 5. James Meek
  • 6. David Meek
  • 7. Aaron Meek
  • 8. Ruth Meek
  • 9. William Meek

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