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The Big Picture & the DNA Project

The Meek Family in the U. S. before 1800 from official records. (4/14/2017)

Origins and spelling of the Meek/Meeks name. (3/22/2013)

The Meek(s) DNA Project

Maryland & S. W. Pennsylvania Families

The Progenitor Myth Article on the early research about Adam Meek. (12/24/2011)

Early Settlers of SW PA Meek families that lived in S. W. PA before 1800. (12/24/2011)

Men named Jacob and Jeremiah Meek before 1780. (4/1/2017)

Men named Isaac Meek in S. W. Pennsylvania. (2/20/2013)

Status of Guy Meek DNA with discussion of existing DNA groups. (4/1/2017)

Group A

DNA Group A Introduction Summary of Group A ancestors (3/22/2018)

The Meek/Meeks Family of MD/PA/KY - A major book on the Meek families from MD/Allegheny Co., PA/Henry Co., KY.
Email - A large PDF file

The Bazil Meek Family Summary Henry Co., KY documents (1 Jun 1997)

Joshua Meek=Martha Holman Which Joshua Meek married Martha Holman (8/7/2013)

Group B

DNA Group B Introduction Summary of Group B ancestors (3/13/2018)

Y-DNA details for Group B(1) Group B Y-DNA Ancestral Signature (3/13/2018)

Y-DNA details for Group B(2) Group B Y-DNA Haplogroup/SNP structure (3/13/2018)

Group B1 Origins and Migration Discussion of possible origins (3/31/2017)

The Meek Family of TN/AR (PDF only) A new book on the families of Tennessee/Carroll Co., AR. (1/18/2015)
- - -includes the Appendix

Jennings Co., IN research by Gary Childs. (1/20/2002)

Nathaniel Meek Sr. research by Gary Childs. (8/18/2002)

Group C

Group C Introduction Summary of Group C ancestors (4/2/2017)

William Meek & Rosanna Skinner Census and genealogy. (4/3/2017)

Meek Family of Decatur Co., IN Census and genealogy. (3/31/2017)

Meek Family of Wayne Co., KY Census and genealogy. (2/0/2014)

Group E

Group E Introduction Summary of Group E ancestors (3/18/2018)

Research on Meek(s) families of Mecklenburg, NC as well as York Co., SC. (7/29/2013)

William Meek of Marshall Co., TN (1/27/2012)

Group F

Group F Introduction Summary of Group F ancestors (3/31/2018)

Group G

Group G Introduction Summary of Groups G ancestors (3/30/2017)

Group H

Group H Introduction Summary of Groups H ancestors (3/31/2018)

Misc. Articles

Meek Families from New York and New England

Articles on different families of South Central Kentucky & Links to genealogies on this web site
Other articles of interest
Abstracts from Lincolnshire, England.

Early Maryland immigrants A list of immigrants.

The Joseph L. Meek manuscript About Guy Meek and the early Maryland family.

Guy Meeke of Maryland The Guy Meeke connection - alternative to Jacob/Adam Meek.

List of Mel Meek LDS microfilm.

Who was Lee Meek? Born about 1824 in Henry Co., KY.

Newspaper Articles on the destruction of Joshua Meek's house

Kinship Chart Calculates relationships.

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