Nathanial Meek

By Christopher A. Meek.

1. Nathanial Meek died in 1827 in Pulaski Co., KY. He is likely the person listed in the 1783-1786 tax lists of Morgan TWP, Washington Co., PA. He was listed in the 1790 census of Washington C., PA (1-6-3) In 1794 he signed an oath of allegiance in West Bethlehem TWP. He witnessed the will of William Iiams on 20 feb 1795 in Washington Co., PA. The will abstract mentions "land bought of Charles Barns and Nathan Meek executor."

Basil Meek born 1763 was in Clark Co., KY as early as Feb 1795 but leaves for Pulaski Co., KY after 1796. The 1799 tax list of Clarke Co., KY records the name Nathan Meek. It is not clear if this was Nathaniel or his son Nathan. In September 1799 Nathan Meek is taxed on 200 acres on Wolf Creek in Pulaski Co., KY. On 14 Aug 1800 Certificate #374 is issued to Nathan Meek. (A condition of the grant was to have lived on the land for one year.) In 1802 both Nathan and Nathan Jr. are listed in the tax records. Nathaniel appears to have transferred his land to his son William about 1815. 1816 is the last year that Nathan Sr. is recorded in the tax list. Some of Nathaniel's sons and prehaps Nathaniel himself relocated temporarily to Henry Co., KY.

The "Hoosier Journal of Ancestry" indicates that he came to Jennings Co., IN about 1816-1817 with other families from Pulaski County, including Basil Meek. He appears in the 1820 census of Jennings County.

Nathan returned to Pulaski Co., KY about 1822. His will was dated 9 Oct 1826 and probated 17 Sep 1827 in Pulaski Co., KY. He leave everything to his daugter Polly Spenser.

The reader should consult the Jennings Co., IN research by Gary Childs. The following children are often listed as the children of Jeremiah Meek born in 1739. However I believe this information suggests that these children were associated with Nathan.

  • 2. Nathan Meek was born between 1775-1780 in PA according to census records. He died in 1822 in Jennings Co., IN. He paid taxes for land on Wolf Creek in Pulaski Co., KY from 1802 to 1812. Between 1813 and 1816 he appears in the Shelby Co., KY tax records. In 1817 and 1818 he is listed in the tax records of Henry Co., KY. In 1817 he obtained the SE1/4 S26 T6N, R7E in Jennings Co., IN and he resided there from 1818. There is evidence that made trips to Jennings County as early as 1816 and obtained land in that year. He married Sally Roberts on 15 Apr 1802 in Pulaski Co., KY. She died in 1862 in Jennings Co., IN. She was a sister of Nancy Roberts, wife of Jeremiah Meek. On 13 Apr 1802 Nathan Meek and David Meek post a $50 bond. Connection to his children is not clearly established. Richard's marriage indicated that his father was Nathan. The 1820 census lists three possible children.
    • 31. Female born between 1804 and 1810.
    • 32. Female born between 1804 and 1810.
    • 33. Male born between 1810 and 1820.
  • 3. Jeremiah Meek was born about 1776 in PA. He died after 1849. He is listed in the Pulaski County tax records between 1803-1814. He is listed in tax records of Henry Co., KY between 1817-1818. He is listed in tax records of Jennings Co., IN from 1819 and appears in the the 1820 census of that county. In 1842 he sells land in Jennings County and is said to be a resident of Pike Co., IL. He may have moved to Platte Co., MO. He married Nancy Roberts on 16 Jan 1804 in Pulaski Co., KY. She was a sister of Sally Roberts, who married Nathan Meek. He is connected to his father through an 1803 tax records which refers to him as the son of Nathan.

    All information on these children came from the 1902 book by H. B Meek. No details or documentation was provided. Carleton Meek in 1962 added the birth date for Owen of 1821 and the name George son of Jeremiah Jr. Caution - This data may be incorrect

    • 21. John Meek was born in Jennings Co., IN.
    • 22. Betsy Meek.
    • 23. Jeremiah Meek was born in Jennings Co., IN. (Ed: May be Jeremiah V. Meek b: 1818, d: 1893 Grundy Co., MO. No evidence available.)
      • 110. George Meek
    • 24. Nathan Meek was born in Jennings Co., IN.
    • 25. Owen Meek was born about 1821 in Jennings Co., IN. (Ed: May be George O. Meek b: 1820 res: Grundy Co., MO. There is no genealogical evidence available. However, DNA of descendant matches Meek Group B which includes descendants of Nathaniel Meek.)
    • 26. James Meek was born in Jennings Co., IN.
    • 27. Sallie Meek was born in Jennings Co., IN.
    • 28. Cynthia Ann Meek was born in Jennings Co., IN.
    • 29. Nancy Meek was born in Jennings Co, IN. She married John Sullivan.
  • 4. David Meek was born about 1781.
  • 5. Sarah Meek was born about 1782 in PA. She William Cummins 25 Dec 1803 according to marriage records. William Cummins and William Meek posted a $50 bond on 24 Dec 1803.
  • 6. Elizabeth Meek was born about 1783 in PA. The connection to Nathaniel is not certain.
  • 7. Mary (Polly) Meek was born between 1781-1785 in PA. She married Amasa Spencer December 17, 1801 in Pulaski Co., KY. Her fathers name is listed as Nathaniel Meek. Nathan's Will mentions his daughter Polly Spencer.
  • 8. Samuel Meek was born about 1784 in PA.
  • 9. William Meek was born about 1788 in Washington Co., PA.
  • 10. Priscilla Meek was born about 1791 in PA according to census records. She married (1) Elijah Fitzjerrell on 19 May 1808 in Pulaski Co., KY. Her father Nathaniel signed a consent letter 13 May 1809. She married (2) Amasa Spencer on 3 Jan 1836 in Jennings Co., IN.
  • 11. Lewis Meek was born about 1800 in Kentucky. He died between 1858-1860. Lewis served for six months during 1850 as a private in Grumble's Company of Texas Mounted Volunteers in an Indian War. He is listed in the 1850 census of Shelby Co., TX. He is listed in the 1851-1858 Shelby Co., TX assessment roll between 1851-1858. He is not with his wife in the 1860 census. He married Abigail Ritchie (daughter of Thomas C. Ritchie and Mary Bonnell Blackford) 14 Sep 1824 in Jennings Co., IN according to marriage abstracts. She was born about 1803 in Kentucky. She died about 1864 in Hunt Co., TX. Abby is listed in the 1860 Hunt Co., TX census with her son David and daughter Sarah.
    • 80. Mary (Polly) Meek was born Jul 1825 in Jennings Co., IN. She married Caswell Meek (son of William Meek and Sarah Spencer) on 17 Sep 1843 in Jennings Co., IN. He was born in Jennings Co., IN. They lived across the Sabine River from Shelby Co., TX in LA. Polly was living with her son William in the 1900 census for Erath Co., TX at age 78.
    • 81. John Meek served in the Mexican and Civil Wars.
    • 82. Nancy Meek was born about 1831.
    • 83. David Meek was born about 1833.
    • 84. Isaac Meek was born about 1835.
    • 85. Thomas Meek was born about 1838.
    • 86. Harvey Meek was born about 1840.
    • 87. Sarah E. Meek was born about 1845.
  • 12. Richard Meek was born in 1803 in Pulaski Co., KY.

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