John Meek


MD - PA - KY

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This page contains the descendants of the John Meek, my earliest known ancestor. The direct line is through Bazil Meek. I have not personally verified all of this information, other than my direct line. The information presented here comes from numerous sources including books by H. B. Meek, Carelton Meek and a number of other documented and undocumented sources. While I think that there are some good leads here, please use caution with this information. If you have any questions, please contact me.

John's parents are unknown. However he had a brother, Jacob Meek, born in 1755. Facts supporting the relationship between John and Jacob are: (1) 1837 remembrances of Jeremiah Lee Meek where he says his father (Jacob) moved to Kentucky "..where his brother, John Meek, had built a station.", (2) Jacob was named administrator of John's will, (3) a 1920 letter written by Basil Meek, grandson of John Meek, stating that Jacob Meek named in the will was John's brother, and (4) DNA testing which confirms that they shared a common ancestor. He also had a brother Basil Meek born 1740 in Maryland according to Jacob's obituary. DNA testing also confirms that the three men shared a common ancestor.