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Following are a number of families that I have obtained information on. In many cases the information is not verified and should not be considered a source. Rather, they are presented to help those people who are researching the Meek name understand the scope of genealogical information available. Clearly, some of this information may not be correct. So, use caution. If you have any information to add, please contact me. DNA has divided many of these ancestors into different unrelated groups. The significance of DNA is related to the validity of the genealogy.


The information contained on this site is a collection of different genealogies, obtained over the years from various sources. I did not personally research all of these genealogies. I cannot and do not guarantee this information as factual nor do I certify any connection as proven. These genealogies can be grouped under four categories.

1. My personal genealogy, which I personally researched.

2. Genealogies given to me by the people who actually did the research. Source information is sometimes included.

3. Genealogies given to me or obtained from people who did not do the research. Source information is seldom mentioned. These genealogies may or may not be valid.

4. Genealogies considered "traditional genealogies" pasted down over the years but which contain little or no documentation. There is little source information and mistakes are common.

My purposes in posting this information are to help other researchers find a lead, understand the scope of the data available on the Meek(s) families and to share their information. Hopefully, together we can expand and improve the information available on the Meek/Meeks families and maybe find some common ancestors.

I encourage everyone to be cautious about the information that you find here or any other place. The best researchers make mistakes in both facts and logical deductions. Much of what is and has been available about the Meek family over the years contains errors that may not be apparent. Evaluate the source carefully and then verify what you have learned.